From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] Prepare For Tired Clichés, and Make It Double! Date: Wednesday, October 27, 1999 10:23 AM >"What's gotten into you?" Meowth looked at Seth and James closely. >"You know, if I didn't know you was an only child, I'd swear he was..." > >"Alright, we're leaving." Jessie relented, pulled her arm out of James' >grip, and stormed out the door. "But you'd *BETTER*..." > >Meowth blinked. "Jes?" > >Jessie shook her head, staring at something just behind the doorway. >" I said, we're leaving! Come on, you two." > >James and Meowth shared a glance, shrugged, and followed Jessie away, >Meowth carrying the Caterpie. > >Only when they were out of sight did Seth let out the breath he had not >realized he was holding. "Aerie?" > >His partner melted out of the wall. "Jessie saw me for a second, but >only for a second." She smiled brightly, hugging Seth with just short >of painful strength. "Oh, Seth, you were wonderful!" She pecked him >on the cheek. > >"Umm, thanks..." > >"Sian!" > >Aerie sent a mildly dark look Slasher's way. "Don't ruin the moment, >Slasher. If you want Bill released so bad, *you* get him out." > >"Sian!" Slasher took a moment to look insulted, then noticed that >neither Aerie nor Seth were paying him any further attention. "Purr..." >He padded off to free the scientist. > Bizzare twists of tubing glowed and hummed. Flasks on bunsen burners bubbled with a life of their own. Mysterious hardware sparked occasionally on the floor and suspended in the air. Almost out of place in that Frankenstein's funhouse was a shelf of neatly arranged books on the side wall. Neither Seth or Aerie noticed any of this as they were far too caught up in themselves at the moment. Locked together in a passion, they had once more forgotten the inappropriate situation they were in. Not that either would care who saw them at that point. Seth drew his hands through Aerie's violet hair, stopping to caress the streak of obsidian black. The glossy black shades he wore were pulled away. He didn't see where they went, but he heard them land with a clack. He kissed her fiercely, giving a soft pleasure sound deep in his throat as Aerie grasped at him tightly. Something in the corner stirred. "Seth," Aerie gasped for air. Her partner's only response was to murmer something as he turned to nuzzle at her neck. Beneath the counter just behind them, sparks began to flash and a low growl reverberated within the clutter. But the light was not noticable among the flashy lab equipment, and Aerie's own excited moans were becoming indistinguishable from any animal noise. Sliding one leg around Seth, she made her intentions clear without any words at all. Heart beating wildly, Seth reached down to help her other leg around him. He wondered briefly if it was possible for him to have a heart attack as she fondled his head in her arms like a child. He decided he didn't care, as Aerie lowered her face to his once more for a long deep kiss. He was going to die the happiest whatever-the-heck-he-was on earth. Shaking with anticipation, he swept everything within reach off the counter with a loud clatter. Using Seth's shoulders to hold onto, she hopped up and sat on the edge of the counter. "Now what did I tell you about this..." Aerie whispered huskily, pawing her hand across the red 'R' on his uniform. "This'll have to go..." Something under the counter creaked. Aerie suddenly seized Seth by the chest roughly and ripped the front of his jacket right off. "...And I'll have no choice but to punish you for all the misbehaving you've been doing lately." She let her hand wander down his abused chest with a dark seductive smile. Seth's emerald eyes were huge and quivering with desire. He tried to speak but could only squeak. About to make his move, when... KAZAAPPP!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" A sizable jolt of electric power thundered out from under the counter and hit Seth like a Rhydon on the charge. It kicked him up a few feet into the air and smashed him into the opposite counter. Seth felt his back crack on impact and flinched. Then he collapsed on the floor and fell flat on his back under the counter. Aerie blinked in shock, her own hair frizzy with static, though she had escaped the worst by being up on the counter. "Seth! Are you okay? What was that!?" She momentarily wondered if she'd been too charged up, so to speak, but then leaned forward to look over the side. "Uh oh." "JOLT! JOLTEON!!" "Jolteon..." Seth sat up half way and grumbled. Then he raised his head and glared at the electric fox with the high pitched cry. Immediately the Jolteon froze in place. "JOOLLLLLTT!" It struggled to attack, but only shook like a deranged Beedrill. Aerie knocked it over with a nudge of her boot. "It's always something..." "Yeahowww...." Seth grimaced and clutched his lower back. "Oww. I'm probably going to be feeling this for awhile." "Oh Seth," Aerie sighed. "No, you won't." She slid off the counter and knelt down beside him. "Relax for me." She massaged her palm over the injured area of his back. A pink glow spread out from her hand. Seth did relax, as he felt the pain fade away. "Aerie, you're a regular miracle worker," Seth smiled gratefully. "I am hardly *regular*," Aerie wagged a finger at him. "I am the *exceptional* miracle worker!" Seth closed his eyes and shook his head. "Sheesh..." He laughed. The front of his jacket shimmered into one piece again as he smoothed his hand over it. This time without the red 'R' however. Though he somehow could always feel it there underneath. Then Aerie took his hand and helped pull him to his feet. "SIAN!" Aerie rolled her eyes and Seth sweatdropped. "Slash, nevermind what you smell. Where's Bill?" Seth scooped his up his shades from the test tube tray and flipped them open with a flick of his wrist before sliding them on. "I'm Bill..." A man in a stuffy looking suit entered the room in a running halt. "Oh, it's you.." Bill looked between Seth and Aerie. "Did you run those strange attackers away?" "Err..." Aerie glanced over at Seth. "I guess we did. Don't worry, I don't think they did any real damage around here." "I am most grateful to you both," Bill noticed Slasher whipping his tail around. "Oh, yes, all three of you." He rubbed a noticable bump on his head. "Seems like there's always someone breaking in here and causing mischief. That's why I've raised a new Jolteon..." Bill walked in and looked around in confusion. "But he seems to have gone missing!" "Eon...!" Seth and Aerie sweatdropped as Bill rushed over to aid his fallen pokemon. "Jolteon! Oh dear, he's been paralyzed..." He picked up Jolteon and placed him on the table. "You there," He turned to Aerie. "Bring me one of those paralyze heals on the floor.....boy, they sure did make a mess of things, didn't they?" Bill gave Jolteon a good pat. Stepping over clutter, Aerie found a spray bottle of paralyze heal and brought it over to Bill. "We didn't even see Jolteon when we came in." "Jolteon can be a heavy sleeper at times," Bill explained as he applied the paralyze heal. "So, what brings you to my home at such a timely hour?" He smiled and rubbed the healing solution into Jolteon's yellow fur. Seth and Aerie looked at each other. "Well, it's going to sound strange, but we think there's a giant MissingNo. eating away at time and space coming from the dimension we come from, and we'd like you to help us know for sure what we're dealing with, and if there's any way we can stop it. We've already seen it and it's affects here, and we don't think it's going to get any better." "I see..." Bill had stopped what he was doing and stared at Seth. "You kids haven't been drinking have you?" Seth smacked his forehead. "Maybe that was a bit too much all at once," Aerie sweatdropped. "Sir, we're in a very unusual situation here, but with what's happening and all, we really can't keep our identities secret much longer. We knew we had to confide in someone of some authority who might be able to help us. This is just too much to handle ourselves." Having recovered, the Jolteon growled at Seth and Aerie. Bill put a hand up. "Now, now, Jolteon, that's enough." Jolteon grumbled in response. "You're from another dimension you say?" Bill raised an eyebrow skeptically. "I'm more open minded than most, in fact I've been told that I'm too open minded for my own good, but this is really much don't you think?" Aerie nodded. "Of course. But we'll convince you someway." She shimmered and shrunk down into a violet furred Eevee. "Veee!" "Whoa!" Seth barely caught her as she leapt up into his arms. He smiled and stroked her fur. "Yeah, we're going to have to convince you somehow, because it only gets weirder from there." TBC? ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ----- Webber: ----- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI