From: The great cybraptor <raptordx1@aol.comspamnot> Subject: [PW!]professor oak gone? Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 3:13 PM As Repticus and his other pokemon stared at the tornado that was created by Alphaomega`s whirlwind attack, they knew Alpha was a very special pidgey."Ok, uh, this is a problem, that tornado is heading directly toward pallet town, and this little bird made it.", said Razor." Sorry, I guess its just, when ever I get made fun of, I get so angry that I can`t control my powers.", said Alphaomega." be that as it may." , said Repticus. " but we still have to stop it." " I have an Idea.", said Plesius." Try doing another whirlwind in the reverse direction of that one, then hopefully they will spin each other out, either that or create a supertornado." "well its the only way I see how we can do it.", said Repticus." Give it a try Alpha." alphaomega started to concentrate his powers like all pidgeys do when they are about to do whirlwind, and suddenly unleashed his power. A six inch tall tornado came from pidgey`s wings."oh, that`s great, the town is going to be totaly destroyed, all because of this stupid pidgey.", said Razor. "Yeah.", said Plesius." Looks like he`s good for nothing after all." " OK that`s it, I`ve had it!", that tornado is going down!!!!", said Alphaomega, as he started to glow with tremendous power, and then, A fifty foot tall tornado, came from his wings and smashed into the smaller one, dissepating the two tornadoes." Go Alpha!", said Razor and Plesius. " I`m glad that`s over.", said Repticus."Now we must see the human called professor Oak. I heard he studies pokemon and may be able to tell why you have such tremendous power , Alphaomega." As the pokemon went back into their pokebas, Repticus came out of the woods , and he had to put back on his cloak, for fear that and humans might see his Raptor form. When he reached the research area he opened the door and went in, and saw no one there , and the lights turned off."I wonder where everyone is.", said Repticus. Then he saw a ditto tied up in the corner, and two mysterious voices came."To infect the world with humiliation. To announce all our devestation. To ignite all the flames in our nation. Kathy, Jack. Team rocket blast off at the speed of fright. Surrender now or prepare to fight", said the two Team rocket members. "Team Rocket?", said Repticus,as he had only awakened from his long sleep three days ago, he had not seen all of the human world." That`s right, and we`ve come to steal your pokemon!", the two strangers said."Sandshrew, Venomoth go!" "I have some pokemon of my own.", said Repticus." Plesius, Razor, Alphaomega, GO!" " I`ll take this one,", said Razor." you two take the sandshrew." after rentless failed whirlwinds by Alphaomega,and one good shot with surf from Plesius, K.O.`ed the sandshrew. In the battle with Razor and Venomoth, When he sashed through Venomoth`s wings , the battle was pretty much over. " ok, well , um ya see, we were joking, ya know , a joke?", said the two team Rocket members."I don`t think so.", said Repticus as he took off his cloak." What!, a Raptor, we`re out of here!", said the two team rocket members as they called back their pokemon and exited quickly." Thank you for saving me.", said the ditto, as Repticus untied him."My name is Loki, I am Professor Oak`s Ditto, I am filling in for him while..err..., he is on vacation. I will be happy to register you as a pokemon trainer so your pokemon that you capture after six will be saved here." " Where do I sign up?, said Repticus who was glad that the ditto was also blindfolded so he had not seen Repticus in his Raptor body. The process was pretty simple, answer a few questions, and give him a trainer ID number, and get his pokedex."I already have a pokedex that I found lying on the ground.", said Repticus."well somebody probably lost that one." , Said the ditto." I will save this here, this is your new one." "thank you for your kindness, but I have one more thing to say, I have a pidgey here that...", siad Repticus as he was cut off by the ditto." Sorry, but that`s all the time I have, you must go now." said the ditto as he rushed Repticus out of the building, for fear that professor Oak might come back at that very moment and find the mess that was made by Team Rocket when they came."I guess we are really on the road to viridian city now.", said Repticus, as he went into town , looking for a place to sleep. ,The Great Cybraptor who wonders when G/S come out , how many people will nickname their Marril Pikablu "we are yeerks! not used car salesmen! we do not negotiate!" viser 3, from the animorphs TV show.