From: Zenigame325 <> Subject: [PW!] Randy's Birthday Date: Sunday, October 17, 1999 6:22 PM RoboNarrator 9000: One day in vermillion city, a stupid boy was opening his girly presents for his dumb tenth birthdaydaydaydaydaydaydayyyyy...Systems malfunctioning! Shutdown! Narrator: Stupid robot! Trying to steal my lines. AHEM...One day in vermillion city, a boy named Randy was opening hs presents for his tenth birthday. "Oh boy! Oh boy! Whatcha get me, Matt?" "Here, Randy. Take it." Matt gave his little brother a small box. He tore it in half, and a Pokeball fell out. "Thanks, Matt! What 's inside?" "Open it and see." Randy pressed the button on the ball, and a Meowth kitten came out of it. "Meow? Meowth? Where am Meowth?" the kitten cried. "Wha.... It can talk! Did you know about this, Matt?"Randy asked. "Well, I got it from an old man who was breeding Pokemon for strength and intelligence, so I guess that's why." he explained. "Oh well. Meowth! Retur-" "Meowth no wanna go in scary ball! Meowth wanna stay out!" "Okay, you can stay out. Daddy!" "Huh?" "Whatcha get me?" "Oh, here." Randy's father handed him a backpack. "This is my persent?" he asked. "That's not all. Unzip it." Randy opened it, and found a blue pokedex, a few potions and a box of pokeballs. "Wow! How do I use it?" "You point it at a pokemon, and press the red button." his father explained. Randy pointed it at his meowth. "meowth, a scratchcat pokemon. Level 5. Moves: scratch." "nice." "You should use it whenever you see a new pokemon, and on your pokemon after each fight." said (name)'s father. "Thanks, Daddy." "so that's all of my presents, huh?" "I have one!" Randy's little brother ran into the house. "Jimmy?" "Yeah! Here, Randy!" "It's an egg." said Matt. "It's a bird pokemon's egg. I found it near the lake." "How can you tell?" asked Matt. "My friend scanned it with his pokedex and that's what it said." "Okay, then! I had better get going on my pokemon journey!" Randy exclaimed. "that was corny." said Jimmy. "Shut up." "that wasn't nice, Randy." his father said. "I'll fly you to Pewter, so you can get your first badge." Matt said. "Okay." Narrator: So yet another kid goes on a quest to join the Pokemon League. RoboNarrator 9000: I'll be back, foolish human! To Be Continued Next episode: Eggy, Eggy Broke! What do you think? ___________________________________________ Why, that's a horrible thing to say! Well, it's different if we say it to each other! -Zenigame, who stays away from strangers with candy