From: The great cybraptor <raptordx1@aol.comspamnot> Subject: [PW!]RazorBlade(part 2) Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 5:17 PM (last time, Repticus and Razor went into viridian city and got lost trying to find the gym. Then , they came to a very bad section of town , and as they were about to leave, they met the two team rocket members, Kathy and Jack, who challenged them to a match.Just as they were about to start, they noticed a scyther with a ninja sword and a bandana, who cut a building in half with her sword.Team rocket abruptly ran away, and Razor tried to fight the scyther and failed.Then Repticus took off his cloak, and the scyther lunged at him with her sword....) Then as all seemed to be the end, Repticus Leapt out of the way, and she missed Repticus by hundredths of an inch.They continued to fight , and they each fought with lightspeed, and missed each other`s shots.Then, the scyther got a lucky shot in, and sliced a piece of Repticus`s tail."SCY!!!", it cired, and pressed a special button on the sword and made a huge slash, in mid air. It seemed to cut a a gash in time and space, and with the blood tipped sword, leapt through it." I`ve NEVER lost a fight in my life.", said Repticus."Especially to a pokemon. Let`s get this scyther , C`mon Razor." "Be there in a minute.", said Razor as he groggily stood up and jumped throught the portal after Repticus. Meanwhile, on an island many miles away...... "Scy.. Ther...." "Yes, Thank you Blade, you have completed your mission.", said a voice, coming indistinctly from some machinery."Now place it in the cylendar to your left." Blade did as he said, and it automatilly closed, and went into a huge chamber."In a few minutes it will be ready." Back to Repticus... "Ok, this was another bright idea.going blindly into a portal made by a scyther that tried to kill you. Yeah, that`s smart.", said Razor, with Repticus who had no Idea where they were, but they were in front a large factory of some sort, and since the door was open , they went in.They saw a huge system of air tubes and ventilation, with no maps whatsoever."Maybe if we keep going north, we can find the center of the facility, and the scyther.", said Repticus, unsure of whatever else he could do, since there was no concieveable way out, because the portal had closed. At the center of the facility.... " You fool!", said the dark figure, as he commanded some of the many electrodes he used for power to shock the scyther almost to death."scy..." "I don` care if you`re sorry for leaving the portal on for too long! Such technology commands responsibility, which you do not have!", said the figure as he shocked the scyther again." All those months of training... for nothing! Do not forget I was the one who took you in after you were abandoned!", said the figure as he shocked the scyther again. "Look, now they are heading directly toward this room!If you do not stop them right now, I will be sure to give you a sound punishment when my body has finished!", he said as he saw Blade quickly leave the room." computer, how long until it is finished." "Genetic re-creation sequence at 75% and rising.", said the computer. (i assure you, the body he is creating is NOT a pokemon, or anything resembling one, nor does it contain any pokemon DNA.) TBC.... ,The Great Cybraptor who wonders when G/S come out , how many people will nickname their Marril Pikablu "we are yeerks! not used car salesmen! we do not negotiate!" viser 3, from the animorphs TV show.