From: The great cybraptor <raptordx1@aol.comspamnot> Subject: [PW!]RazorBlade(part 4) Date: Monday, October 25, 1999 3:26 PM ( last time... oh forget it, you know what happened, or just scroll down to part 3 if you don`t remember.) "Nice move, Razor.", said Repticus, who was hanging by his wrists over a pit filled with lava, with Razor right next to him."Hey, can I help it if I get one tiny decimal wrong in the code?" "You have only two fingers and they are both claws! How could your fingers have slipped!" "Ok, fine, I made a mistake, but..." "Scy! Ther! Scy Scy!", said Blade."What did she say?" "She said that the ropes will break in fifteen minutes." "Well, that dosen`t give us much time, but I do have a plan, but you will have to do things accurately this time, ok?" "ok, ok! just tell me what to do." "Well, see that swith over there?'' Repticus pointed to the three levers on the far control panel." The one on the right controls if we go left or right, the left one controls if we go backward or forward, and the center one controls if we go up or down. Got that?" "yeah, ok. <i think>" Razor used his surf attack and hit all three levers at once. The beam that held Razor and Repticus went crazy back and forth, left and right, up and down." SCY!?!?" "lec-trode! Lec-trode!"finnaly, the beam broke on one end, and Razor and Repticus slid off safely on to the floor. "innacurate, but effective.", said Repticus."I don`t think this is over yet.", said Razor as he saw about twenty electrodes behind Blade, ready to attack. "scy..ther.." "she said that we better surrender, or perish.", said Razor. "Finaly, I get to fight a little here. Plesius, Alphaomega Go!" "ok, Razor, alpha, let`s annialate these overgrown pokeballs!"Alphaomega and Plesius went to fight the electrodes and Razor went to fight Blade. Meanwhile, Repticus tried to find the controls to shut off whatever Rainer was doing. "computer, how much time until completion?" "final transmogrification at 35% and rising. estimated time twenty minutes" Repticus was about to look for the shutdown code, when he found something better. meanwhile , at the battle , Razor and the others were not having much luck. "Ya kniow Alpha. OW! If you would even help just a little OW! then maybe we would stand a chance, you weakling OW!." "What! But.. but. I thought you believed in me now?! Well, I guess I`ll just have to prove myself again! Whirlwind attack!" A huge twenty foot tall tornado came from Alphaomega`s wings, which swept up all the electrodes, and deposited them in the lava. "ELEC!- TRODE!" "<works every time> Ok Alpha, now lets help Razor and get back to Repticus. "wait...Somehting`s happening to me.." A huge glow surrounded Alphaomega, and he began to evolve from a pidgey to a pidgeotto."I evolved! Oh yeah! C`mon Plesius, lets help Razor." As Plesius hurried to catch up to the now Pidgeotto Alphaomega, Razor was having trouble of his own."Scy<you are a talanted figher>Ther<But you will fall before me>", said Blade."This time, I won`t lose.", said Razor. Then just as Razor was about to attack again, he noticed a small microchip on Blade`s skin, right next to the magnetic band that held her sword to her wrist."That must be what`s controlling her.", said Razor. "Looks like I`ll have to be accurate this time."Just then, Razor leapt back and then , as Blade lunged forward, he jumped over her and with his left claw, destroyed the microchip on her wrist."SCY!!! scy..<Thank you for releasing me from Rainer`s control.>Ther<I thought he was going to take care of me, but jut just before he sent me on the mission to get your friends DNA, I got suspicus of his plans.>scy scy<and he implanted that microchip on me. If it is not too much trouble, I would like to join you your friends on your journey." "that would be great! But right now, we gotta stop your former trainer." "scy<right, lets get on it>" "Hey Razor, guess what! I evolved!", said Alphaomega." you don`t have to worry about Blade now, she`s on our side, a microchip was controlling her." "right", said Plesius, now let`s find Repticus and help him finish this once and for all." TBC....... (looks like its gonna be 5 parts after all) ,The Great Cybraptor who wonders when G/S come out , how many people will nickname their Marril Pikablu "we are yeerks! not used car salesmen! we do not negotiate!" viser 3, from the animorphs TV show.