From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Resisting the Pokemon Resistance Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 4:26 PM Karnivax wrote: > "I grow weary of this technobabble! Face the wrath of my > devastating Confusion attack!" Luthor started concentrating intensely, > and suddenly his mind started radiating a large multicolored wave of > psi. The slow Porygon was caught in the wave...but since Ermac had > Converted to Luthor's type, the Confusion attack barely scratched > him. "...Impossible!" > > Jessica grinned almost evilly. She dropped Ermac's Pokéball as > her forearms quickly turned into Scyther blades. "We have him now!!!" The Slowpoke's jaw drops down to where most Slowpoke's jaws permanently reside upon seeing that part of Jessica's gradual transformation into a Scyther, "You must be one of the X-Men, you mutant! X-Woman, it would be an honor if you could leave that organization and join my army. I seem to be short a couple hundred million members or so..." "Join you? Join *you*?!" The wings protruding from Jessica's back jut out into view, "You egotistical, self-righteous, good-for-nothing Pokemon - you whiz on people then ask them to be your friends? No way! Ermac, Tri Attack!" A whirring noise comes from the Porygon. It declares, "Available system resources low. Allotting RAM. Minimum of..." Ermac's synthesized voice deepens, "" Its voice returns to normal, "...minutes until Tri Attack may be initiated." Luthor's smirks at Jessica, "That gives me enough time! Bwa... ha... ha... ha..." Jessica's eyes narrow, becoming more Scyther-like when they do, "*No* Slowpoke can run away in just one minute." "Who said anything about running away? Are you calling Luthor a coward?!" Luthor stands up on his hind legs again to show off his power, but cowers when Espio spits a Flamethrower into the sky to remind the Slowpoke of the warning to not speak in the third person. Luthor struggles to reach into his backpack with one of his short arms, "Luthor... Err, *I* know when I'm in danger, but I also know that super heroes never let the villain die. They just take them to an asylum." Espio the white Charizard nudges Jessica, "It's a good thing we're not super heroes then, eh, Jessica?" "I couldn't care less what *you* are!" Luthor scowls at the large sarcastic Fire Pokemon, "The both of you are lousy super heroes when compared to the most obnoxious and good willed hero of all time!" Luthor finally grabs the item he was rummaging around in his backpack for. He throws a small homing beacon, "Doppler, I summon you to save me from these corrupt super heroes who would dare defeat me instead of taking me to an asylum!" The homing beacon falls onto the floor. Luthor, Espio, and Jessica all stare at it for a few seconds, but nothing happens. "Initiating Tri Attack..." Ermac the Porygon emits noises which indicate computations. A triangular light green hologram ejects from the Porygon's hexagonal eyes. The two-dimensional triangle spins around, dividing and rotating, until it has become three smaller triangles, arranged in the shape of a large triangle with an upside-down triangle composed of negative space in the center of it. The light green hologram spins away from Ermac, headed straight for Luthor! "Is this the untimely end of Luthor?" Before Espio can burn Luthor to a crisp for using the third person a third time after his warning, Ermac's Tri Attack crashes into the Slowpoke! Luthor flies off of the ground and his Shorts get knocked off! When he crashes back down a few meters away from Ermac, his fainted body rolls around the grass a few times before coming to a complete stop. Luthor ends up laying on his back, his soft belly facing up, his eyes swirling out of control. Seeing Luthor defeated, Jessica calms down, and her Scyther blades revert into arms. She uses her hand to grab Ermac's Pokeball off the floor, and she recalls her Pokemon back into it, "See, Espio? It pays off not to lose your cool!" "You first need to have cool in order to be able to lose it." Espio's self-deprecating nature returns for a moment, "Besides, you weren't exactly as cool as a Jynx during that match. From where I stood, you were more fired up than Magus!" Jessica's wings gradually shrink back into her back, and her skin slowly changes back to normal, "Leave my Magmar out of this! I know I did, since I didn't want to kill the Slowpoke. I believe that annoying Pokemon got what he deserved." "And do you know what Kyle deserves?" Espio looks back towards the rock where a depressed Kyle Richter sits, "He deserves to have his friends with him. You should go up there, Jessica, he really needs you now. I'll be okay down here." Jessica grabs Espio's arm and looks into the Charizard's eyes, "You're as much a friend of Kyle as I am, Espio. He needs us both. C'mon." Jessica turns around and walks towards where Kyle is, accidentally crushing Luthor's homing beacon under her foot on the way there. Though Espio doesn't think so highly of himself, he follows Jessica with his head low. Luthor is still fainted on the battlefield. He'll be there for a long time unless someone takes him to a Pokemon Center. -Luthor