From: Pipian <> Subject: [PW!] Return of Windows, the Worst Porygon in the World... Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 6:51 PM Pipian soon returned back to the headquarters early in the morning. He saw Tiki in the living room. "What are you doing up?" Pipian asked. "I was about to ask you the same thing." replied Tiki. "Well I just returned with some stuff from Bills. Turns out I have a Porygon stuck on my computer." "Ah. I'm... um... well... hacking into the Police mainframe to see what info they're withholding from us..." "Hmm... You know my computer's hooked up to the net, and I think it may be faster than yours, despite that its a good 1-2 years old..." "Thanks for the offer." "I've got to go get my Porygon off it. See ya!" "OK." Pipian wandered back to his room and plugged the Pokemon transfer unit into the serial port of his computer and turned it on. He installed the transferring software and began the transfer. After a few minutes, Windows the Porygon had been transferred into an empty pokeball. "Ah! Good!" said Pipian as he picked up the ball. Pipian then began to set the the computer and the transfer unit to be configured to his Pokedex and sent all but 6 of his pokemon into it. Luckily, He could now transfer pokemon at a moment's notice between the computer and his pokeballs, so that he could still battle with his Jynx if a battle required it and he didn't have it. He could, because the transfer system included a pokemon remote transfer unit. Pipian then released Windows. "Porygo..." it said before its image faded and turned into a blue, flat surface. It read: PORYGON has performed an illegal operation in SPEECH.CFG in section 81A3:111E Error 13: Speech center error. "DANGIT!" said Pipian. TBC?