From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Return of Windows, the Worst Porygon in the World... Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 6:10 PM John looked over to see the ashen colored Tiki already back on the comp, "Well I just installed my hacking programs and defense mechanisims into Pipian's computer. Now I need to see what happens when I try and run them." Tiki set to it, as everyone huddled around. As the hours dregged on of trying new things and failing, one by one the members of PODA driffted of to sleep, half standing half lurched over. At about nine o'clock Jamie walked inwith two cups of coffee she gave one to Tiki, "Good (yawn) morning.. what are you (yawn, stretch) doing?" Jamie asked sounding as interested as she could this early pre- coffee. "Trying to hack into the police HQ computers, thanx." Tiki said taking the coffee, "But it's not working," Tiki became silent quickly looking over to the slumbering Windows, "WAIT A SECOND!" Tiki said. He walked over to Windows, shook it awake, then inserted the upload cord into Windows mouth. Then he took a nearby baseball bat, and smacked Windows good and hard in the head. Before Windows could malfunction Tiki uploaded him into the police computer. "Alright," He said, as the police security systems malfunctioned, "I gotta hurry before they discover Windows," Tiki typed quickly and eventually found a file entiitled "Psychic Burning of Church," he double-clicked on it, and then immediatlly printed. Then right before Windows was discovered, he downloaded Windows back out of the computer. Windows came out, as the document was finishing printing, and as Tiki was exciting the HQ. Then Windows exploded again, waking everyone up, "DAMN..." Tiki said, "But I got the document." 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