From: Anonymous <> Subject: [PW!] Rise and Shine! Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 10:46 PM > Forest was trying to sleep, but he couldn't. He kept thinking there was >somewhere he should be. He kept thinking of a tower… darkness… Forest didn't >know anywhere like that, but he knew he had to find it, that place, soon. > Forest turned over, and was about to settle down and go to sleep, when >he >felt a thud on his face. Then, all he saw was white. Then, the pain. > "Ow!" Forest shouted, and he grabbed his face. He groped blindly for a >moment, then he found Porygon on. "You damn Pokemon!" Forest shouted, waking >Mac up as he slept. > "Huh? What's wrong?" Mac asked sleepily. > "Your Fuc-" Forest stopped short as he realized he was shouting, and >blushed. "Uh, nothing." > "Okay then," Mac said, still half asleep, "G'night." > "Night," Forest said. He watched as Mac went back to sleep, and then he >called out Paras. "Hi Paras." > "Paras, Paras Paras!" Paras said. > Forest sighed and smiled at him. "Were still in Celadon," He said to >Paras. "But I keep thinking I should be somewhere else." > "Paras?" > "I don't know," Forest said. He sighed again and turned over to go to >sleep. Paras walked over to him, and lay down on his shoulder. Soon, they >were >both asleep. --- Forest, Mac, and Paras all awoke to the loud blaring of a trumpet. Paras fell on its face. <<Rise and shine, lazy humans!>> "Is every morning going to be like this?" asked Forest. "Paras paras," said Forest's Pokémon, who was rubbing its head in pain. Mac sighed. "You can depend on it." <<Just call me Ol' Faithful!>> "Why did my Porygon have to be one of those annoying morning people?" <<I resent that! How dare you call me a person!>> "Whatever." Mac then got up and started up his laptop. "I'm gonna go online for a bit. See if you can find something to eat." "Sure thing," said Forest, still thinking about the dark tower. <<I know of this great deli we can visit!>> "Porygon, you blew up that deli." <<Oh yeah, I suppose I did. That's okay, I'll find someplace else...>> Mac handed Forest about 10 dollars. "Go get us some cereal or something. I'll keep Porygon out of trouble." <<While you guys do that, I think I'll be going for a walk...>> "No," said Mac, "you're not going anywhere. This town's been through enough damage as it is." <<Don't worry, I can be stealthy.>> "Fine, go ahead. Forest, I'll go with you." He then looked at Porygon sternly. "But don't let anyone see you, and don't blow anything up!" <<Do you think I would make the same mistake that many times? Don't answer that,>> and Porygon slid through the door. "I have a bad feeling about this," said Mac. ------------ TBC (Sorry I took so long to post, but here it is) -Anonymous (you know, the guy who wrote all the poems) -=-=-=-=- A - up - left - right - right - left - left - right -Jigglypuff song on Link's Ocarina (it's my Scarecrow Song)