From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Rockets of the Stars and Moon Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 6:05 AM > 6 was in a bad situation. He'd been sleeping in Dernam's backpack for >some time now, but he was now getting squashed. It >unpleasant feeling. 6 edged out, slowly, slowly, and finally made his >way out of Dernam's backpack, which he had fallen on when he went to >sleep. 6 took consolation in the shiny, shiny thing he had gotten out >of the pack, a grey and blue, swirly, glimmery, shiny thing that felt >sparky and weird when he touched it. > > Now he looked around. Had he been sleeping all this time in the warm, >fuzzy innards of the pack? No, he'd waken up when the Onix's came, but >he had fallen asleep again. Now he was surrounded by weird sleeping >people, plus several Pokémon. Maybe some shiny things here? > > 6 went about, plucking jewelry and wallets, just for fun. Then he saw >a Clefable carrying a sword....a shiny sword! 6 bolted at the befuddled >Clefable and tackled him over, landing on his chest. ><"Hellomynameis6andyou?"> > > "Urk, offa me!" White Blade sputtered, pushing 6 off. "What do you >want?" > > <"Look at my shiny, it's shinyshinyshiny!"> 6 continues to bounce >around Dernam's weird Moon Stone, showing off it's shiny blue and grey >swirls. > > "Huh? What's that for? He have a Clefairy?" > > <"Nope, nope, he has a Nidorino, gonna make Nidoking, then I'll have a >new friend to share shiny things with, because he'll be a new friend, >and I can share shiny things with him!"> 6 is much to young to be taken >seriously, if you haven't guessed. <"I hope he's big and strong, make >bad guys scared."> > > "I'm sure he will be, now return the Stone and let's wake everyone up." > > <"OK!"> 6 bats the Moon Stone into the pack, then jumps on Dernam's >face. <"Wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup!"> White Blade grumbles to himself >and proceeds to shake people in an attempt to revive them after the >singing stunt. 6 ran a full circle around the Clefable, pausing briefly in front of Splash and Luke, to kick them, and cry "Bui! Bui!" <Wake up! Up!> Getting no immediate response, he abandoned them, in search of easier targets. Was that...yes, it was! Another Eevee! <Wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup!> he cried in Eevee, rushing towards Keri. When this yielded no response, he plowed into her with his Take Down attack! <UP!> Keri blinked twice, baffled to have been awoken in such a rude fashion. "Bui?" <Hurry hurry hurry, must wake others!> 6 responded, racing past her. Keri took a look around, and noticed a large group of people--most importantly, Orion--unconscious on the floor. "Buiii!" she squealed, immediately fearing the worst. If this had been the work of those Rockets... While his fellow Eevee saw to Orion, 6 continued his mad romp around the cave. <Must wake others must wake others must wake others!> Only one thing could veer him from this task...and that was... <SHINY!> Not too far away, 6 could make out a pretty shiny-thing, a splendid, sparkly sapphire, lying untended on the ground. <Shinyshinysoshiny!> He couldn't let a shiny-thing go to waste, especially one that shone so brilliantly. He'd just pluck it up, and-- "PERSIIIIAAAAN~!" 6 was literally blown backwards by Blizzard's roar of pain. The Persian rubbed the gem on her forehead with the back of her paw, as if to make sure that it was still in place. <Hey! You can't steal my shiny-thing!> 6 protested, <Gimmee!> Far too annoyed by the day's events to give a polite response, Blizzard simply swatted the Eevee out of the way, and started towards the flustered Clefable. <So...> she circled White Blade cautiously, <The Clefairy has evolved. Interesting. Perhaps, in this new form, he will be capable of controlling his own Dragonite. I wonder...> "Shut up Blizzard," White Blade said, crossly, "Draconi saved ALL of our lives." <I doubt that.> she yawned, gesturing to a neatly gutted Dodrio. <You underestimate us...however, all is forgiven. Either way, the villains are vanquished. Now, we need only find the mouth of this cave, and see these half-dead humans to the Pokémon Center.> Blizzard flicked her tail, a sure sign of impatience. Around her, the humans were struggling to their feet, some awoken by 6, others by Blizzard's roar. That was possible that the Rockets had been awoken by her roar as well. White Blade seemed to sense this. "All right everybody," he said, clapping his hands to get their attention, "I think we've done enough sightseeing for one day. What say we boogie outta here?" "Wait," Dernam frowned, "We still don't *know* the way out." "Raichu..." Samuraichu sighed. <It's easy to find way out of cave!> 6 cried, not quite understanding their situation, <We just look to shiny thing! Shiny shiny sunlight guide us out of cave!> Blizzard was about to step on 6's head, when something else caught her eye. There was a figure lurking in the cavern to her left, and it appeared to be laughing... Realizing that it might take a while for them to get away from the rapidly awakening Rockets, Derrick had his Butterfree shower them with Sleep Powder. "This should at least buy us some time..." he muttered. "Hmm, that's odd..." "What?" Splash asked, walking over to where Derrick stood. "These are the same Rockets who attacked us before..." "Yeah..?" "Well, the last time they attacked us, there was a rather...*noticeable* girl in their party. I wonder where she went?" Splash shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, the way I see it, the less Rockets, the better." "And the way I see it," White Blade grumbled, "The *more* rockets, the better. It's gonna take an explosion to wake Draconi." "Rai, rai..." Samuraichu chuckled. <Y'know, all in all, this little adventure wasn't so bad. Only trouble is, I never got to capture Articuno!> <*Ahem*> Samuraichu and White Blade whipped around, to find themselves face to face with Blizzard. The white cat smirked, and pointed over her shoulder, to a creature lurking in one of the nearby caverns. It had blazing red eyes, and head to toe, appeared to be twice as large as either of them. When the light hit it in just the right manner, one could almost feel the softness of its light blue feathers... <Allow me to introduce Articuno...> Blizzard purred. <He is going to lead us out of here.> An icy blast of wind blew through the cave, and the bird's eyes sparkled mischievously... TBC -Beth "Ii kanji!"