From: M.W.F. <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Rockets of the Stars and Moon Date: Thursday, October 14, 1999 10:28 AM > >> The rest of the group were somewhat taken aback by Samuraichu's casual > >> attitude. Here they were, faced with one of the rarest Pokemon in > >> existence, a Pokemon that trainers had searched their whole lives for > >> just to catch a glimpse if its magnificient plumage, sparkling > >> feathers or mighty powers, and the Raichu was thinking about how good > >> it would taste rare, medium rare or well done. > >> > >> "There'll be more Rockets coming," said Derrick, gun at the ready. > >> "We'd better get moving." > >----- > >It was always a marvel at slowly the bird could go and still stay in the > >air. The group slowly made their way through the cave. They saw an > >opening ahead that lead out of the cave. White Blade looked over to > >Samuraichu, saying, "Listen, I know you're not gonna attack Articuno the > >first second you get, right? You don't stand a chance." > > <I'll give him time to prepare> Samuraichu took out a whetstone from > his pouch, and ran it along the edge of his blade. <How should I cook > him? Will he melt?> > > "This is ARTICUNO, not a Fearow," said White Blade. "There's a reason > why no-one's captured him yet, y'know." > > <Meeh. Tasty birdsicle.> > > "You'd need four of you just to restrain it, believe me, I've tried > before. And I had a Charizard, with a League rating of 100." > > <Charizard yummy with pepper sauce,> smiled an excited Samuraichu. > <Already warmed up. And I'm L100 too.> > > "You haven't really eaten a Charizard, have you?" > > "Chu?" "Thought not. Pepper sauce ruins the flavor. You need something sweeter to go with it. I'd use an almond roast." Samuraichu's eyes narrowed. <Wha...> White Blade chuckled. "I'm messing with you." The Clefable jumped ahead and climbed up Draconi. He started rummaging in his back pack. He remembered all the fights had did have with the legendary birds befoe they became protected. He pulled out a single feather that Articuno gave him once. I sparkled a light blue, even int the darkness. And if the cavern wasn't cold enough, he hand was freezing from the feather. He put it away.