From: silversean <> Subject: [PW!] Saffron means Yellow? Date: Sunday, October 17, 1999 6:14 AM ~!~Previously....~!~ Sean Silverton's hidden power was unleashed with the help of the provoking "Mewtwo" doll.... ~!~Back to the present....~!~ In Saffron City.... The main character of this story has made his way into Saffron City, determined to find a reason as to why he has his power, and how on earth did the Mewtwo doll talk!?! And so, here he was, Sean Silverton, in front of the Saffron City Pokémon Center, hoping to find some information. On what? Where to find information. "You Nurse Joy?" Sean leaned onto the counter, mimicing some old detective movies. "Yes I am," the Nurse smiled, oblivious to Sean's attempts at being intimidating. "Where can I find some info, on some Psycho power I got?" "...." Nurse Joy lifted an eyebrow. "At the Silph CO., I suppose, or at the Saffron Gym, but Sabrina isn't really being that much of a people person lately, she said she's noticed a disturbance or something." "Disturbance?" Sean asked. "Like, some big power or something that has entered the Pyschic Network or something insane like that. Why, you--?" Sean had already the building. ::This is unreal....:: Sean thought, the air whipping past him. ::I really gotta find out what's going on with me....:: And the reason why he was so bewildered was obvious. He was -flying-. <TBC> -- § i l ver§ e án (silversean) AIM: si1versean eMail me @ Kalakseur at Phreaker dot Net I am Batman. Really. HONEST! "All right, um, I've got something to say and it's very important, so listen up. No, it's not important, but if you want, you can listen. Imagine, right, you're like laying in the sand, just laying there, just gettin' sandy, and you develop this really bad, like, fungusy rash. And you started scratching it and it went like yellow, green and whatever other colours fungusy rashes get. And you went to the doctor and they said there was nothing wrong. But it got worse and started coming off on the itchy carpet, and you realized you were allergic to sand and you got it all in your hair and you started going bald and um, developed funny penis-shaped objects on your chest. I just thought that'd be funny." -Daniel Johns, silverchair