From: Dreadite <> Subject: [PW!] Searing mists. Date: Thursday, October 21, 1999 12:29 AM --A scull, falling endlessly through the murky water.-- PokeWars! Searing mists. ----- 'Saffron city during sunset has a wonderful yellow glow'. Or so the sign said on the ledge where Dreadite sat, watching the mist below flit through the trees outside the city, the lights giving everything a dull glow as dusk set in. Dreadite watched the scene in quiet refection, as the sun slowly dipped away. Hours drifted away as the rocket just sat there. Occasionally a passer-by would stop to see if he was still alive, and then move on. Slowly the mist grew thicker, and the stars above faded away. Hours flew away. "Mewtwo." Dreadite opened his eyes and looked behind him at the mention of the name. A trainer sat down beside him, looking like she had been awake for days. The trainer panted for a couple seconds, caught her breath, and turned to Dreadite. "Ever seen Mewtwo, man?" "Once." Dreadite paused a second. "Why do you ask?" "I'm out to catch him," the trainer replied, fire in her eyes. "I need to be the best, and he's the ultimate power." "Nothing can control that power. Not you." Dreadite stood up, and looked over the ledge at the city below. "Think that city is impressive? Mewtwo could level it." The girl just shrugged, and waved as the rocket walked into the woods. She stood up, and glanced down at the city below. "Damn straight he can level that." Dreadite looked over his shoulder at the trainer. "Don't waste your life so causally." He faded into the mist, walking towards the city. Silph headquarters made for the ultimate lighthouse, the only thing visible in the fog for miles. Then Dreadite burst from the top of the fog, quickly rising into the air until he was just another speck in the air, gliding towards the towing structure, visible still over the canopy of mist. A trail of fire zipped by, leaving embers in the air as it passed, flying at a rapid pace for Victory Road. Dreadite paused, watching the bird Pokemon fly into the distance. His Pidgey eyes shimmered as he watched the other bird disapear. Dreadite landed on Silph HQ after no more firey trails flew past the night sky. He looked around, and waved his hand twice to the monitor. A helicopter fitted to the building, the gusts created as it landed blowing the random dust from the building. Dreadite stepped aboard. He sat in the back, and the pilot looked in. "Sir, you don't look so good." "Just fly." Dreadite closed his eyes, and tried to sleep as the helicopter set out for Veridian. *Water. Cold, dark.* Dreadite opened his eyes slowly. "Did you say something?" The rocket shrugged. "No sir." TBC? (Well, I guess I should.. I suddenly lost the point of this post. ^^;) Dreadite ----- The darkness, all around. Ghosts are like shadows, escaping death but for a moment, like shadows flitting from light. Ghostly we are, flitting from death but for a moment.