From: Miki no Miko <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Shock at the Cinnabar Center Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999 2:05 PM Zephyr <> wrote in message news:AjJS3.23082$ > > Roberto Perez-Vila <> wrote in message > > > Jon Ference wrote: > > > > > Jon nonchantly called out his first Pokemon, who at the sight of Kat > also > > > licked her. > > > > > > By now, Drake had also waddled over, and Felix had fetched Nurse Joy. > > > > > > "She just fainted, you say?" she posed to Jon, Damian, and Kat. > > > > > > The trio nodded. Sarah Jane, now measurably stronger, added in "I'll be > fine." > > > Jon and Damian helped her sit up straight while Nurse Joy did her thing. > > > > When Robert walks up to the doors of the Cinnabar Island Pokemon Center > with his > > girlfriend, Mithril-rama, he expects Rodney Kenneth Evojian and Guido to > be > > waiting for him inside. They were there the first time Robert challenged > Blaine > > and lost, and RK inspired Robert to follow his dream and not be > discouraged. But > > Robert knows RK is dead, and he figures that Guido must have been locked > in an > > asylum somewhere, but the people who he is about to see are just as > special to him > > as those two he saw the first time he entered the Pokemon Center. Robert > opens the > > doors and heads in. > > > > Robert hands his Golduck's Pokeball to Nurse Joy, since she's the only one > who > > fainted during his match with Blaine over an hour ago. It is the match > that Robert > > won. His red Volcano Badge is proudly displayed on his black shirt. > > > > After giving the Nurse the Pokeball, Mithril-rama tugs on Robert's sleeve, > "Hey! > > Look who it is!" > > > > Robert turns to face a sight similar to the one he saw in the Fuschia City > Pokemon > > Center quite a while ago. Sarah Jane, Jon, Damian Fox, Runt Cloverwood, > Christine > > Flye, Felix, Kirsty, and Dustin are all standing around someone Robert > thought > > he'd never see again - Katrina Richardson. Accompanying the group is > Purgatory and > > Julia, two of the participants in the Laramie Ranch Big P Pokemon race. > Robert > > runs over to them, calling out, "Hey, everyone! It's me, Robert! I got > here this > > morning, and I just earned a Volcano Badge from Blaine, the Cinnabar > Island Gym > > Leader!" > > > > Damian Fox is surprised to hear this, though nothing can rival the > surprise of Kat > > being alive, "Didn't you say you didn't want to go with us to Cinnabar > because you > > needed to learn more about Pokemon for a few months? Yet, here you are > today. We > > just got here like you, and we haven't even had a chance to heal our > Pokemon yet." > > > > "Yeah..." Robert reaches behind his back with his arm while explaining, > "The thing > > is, I had this really weird dream last night, I thought that it meant > today was > > the only day I could beat Blaine, so I rushed over here as quickly as > possible! I > > think my dream really was a vision. I earned a Volcano Badge!" Robert > glances at > > Katrina, "Is she who I think she is?" > > > > Kat nods, "Yeah, I'm Kat. I've been told I died, but I don't remember > dying." > > > > "If you're alive, then maybe RK is alive too..." Robert lowers his head, > then > > looks back up at Katrina, "So, Katrina's alive and I actually *won* a Gym > match? > > That *is* spooky... it must have to do with the fact that tonight is > Halloween!" > > > > "Tonight is Halloween?" Christy asks. At least half of the group present > appears > > to have forgotten this fact. > > > > Mithril-rama looks surprised, "How could anyone forget that?" > > > > "It's not so strange." Sarah Jane comments, while recovering from > fainting, "I > > forgot the other day was my own birthday." > > > > Robert chuckles, "I remember that." He reaches into his backpack, > withdraws a map > > of Cinnabar Island, and points to it, "I found a great costume shop > located here, > > called Little Costume Shop of Horrors! I'm going to go there with Rilli to > get our > > costumes, and anyone else who wants to participate in the Halloween > festivities > > can follow us! Anyone who'd rather sit out Halloween for whatever reason > can stay > > here in the Pokemon Center. I hope to see you all there!" > > Julia was shocked on how she totally forgot about Halloween. Well now that > someone reminded her it was off in search for a custome. > > > Mithril-rama smiles and waves her hand at the 11 people gathered in the > Pokemon > > Center, "See you later, everyone!" > > > > A Chansey hands Robert his Golduck's Pokeball on his way out of the > Cinnabar > > Island Pokemon Center. Mithril-rama chases after him, giggling while > giving him > > costume suggestions. Almost everyone in the group in the Pokemon Center > shrugs, > > and they try to decide what to do. A Halloween celebration does sound fun > to a > > bunch of the kids present. > > "I can't believe we forgot about. Well in that case I guess I'll pay the > shop Bobby was talking about a visit", said Julia as she gathered her > things. > > "Sorry if I'm in a hurry but I just got to get the best costume and it was > nice meeting you Kat", said Julia as she took off running towards the shop. "Wait up, I'm coming too!" Kat yelled, Chuchu jumping back onto her shoulder as she darted out the door. -- Miki no Miko I've been BIT! by an Erich Owens! And an Adrian Tymes! Oh yeah, and a Pook! too. ^_^ O.O - Sigglypuff v1.0 - O.O Siggy Siggy! <Perfect_Chaos|Team_At_L13> Faster than a speeding spitwad.....more powerful than a geek with ADD.....capable of annoying large crowds with a single's WOOBIE-MAN! 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