From: Sirius <sirius259@aol.comeleon> Subject: [PW!] Sirius Rocket? Date: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 10:53 PM "Whoa... a first edition Japanese Jungle holo Clefable card..." Sirius gawked at the display on the card store he passed by after ditching the other ATRs. He cautiously entered the store and walked up to the register. "How much for the Clefable card?" he asked. "100 bucks," snorted the guy at the register. "A hundred!? Are you insane!? No one's going to pay that much for a sparkly piece of cardboard!" exclaimed Sirius. He took another long look at the card. "OK... how about a trade, then?" "No trades, sorry." "Argh..." Sirius groaned, took one last look at the Clefable card, and reluctantly walked out of the store. "I'll never get the cards I need..." he mumbled to himself. "Hey..." Sirius, startled, turned around to see a man cloaked in black behind him. "Just saw that you needed money. And I need some valuable Pokemon to give to my boss... Lately, I've fallen behind. Haven't gotten anything. Do you have anything you're willing to give me? For money?" Sirius was about to refuse, but decided to at least give it a thought. It would only be for one payment... "How much do I get?" he finally asked. The man snickered. "Depends on what you steal. An Oddish won't get you anything, but for a Gyarados I'll give you... upwards of $300." Sirius wasn't willing to give up his Gyarados, but he knew someone who had one. "I can get one for you," spoke Sirius. "Just hold on." TBC... Crap story, but I got to go. Had to finish it quick. Sirius Quote of the day: "So then Lenny says, 'As if! Don't even go there, sister!'"