From: Black Hole <lanceisnot@home.comBZZT> Subject: [PW!] So we meet again... Date: Monday, October 04, 1999 2:25 PM After a long ordeal at the side of Derrick up to his revival, Icy went back to his gym to continue challenges. Thats when it all started. It was a bit dark, but the trees made it much more. No one was there, as peaceful as could be. But that was what the Pokemon and the humans within thought. Icy was in his gym, awaiting all challengers. He thought he heard someone in the bushes, but just shrugged it off. A voice drifts though the air, echoing from all around, "Burn... Burn... Let the world burn... Let the world burn, and then They will learn. Play not with a flame, for this one likes to play a Game..." Icy whirled around, "Who's there?" He saw nothing, only darkness. "Why, Icy, I don't believe you don't remember me... I'm crushed." The voice sneered. The slight gleam of metal caught Icy's eye, he lunged and missed, "Who are you?" "So we meet again, Icy." A figure drops from the trees. "It is I, Black Hole." the figure smirked. TBC. (You better reply, Icy =p) -- If you reply, e-mail me a copy of your reply.