From: Lucrecia84 <> Subject: [PW!] Stellara Leaves Cerulean Date: Wednesday, October 27, 1999 1:56 PM <What the heck do you do with a bag of Poké Balls?> wondered Stellara. She was in the forest, standing next to the bulging bag of Poké Balls. She had been trying fore a while to get rid of them. <Hey! I'll just bury them in the ground, so no trainers will find them!> <No, wait, I couldn't dig a hole that deep!> she said unhappily. <Of course, I could get help!> She Teleported to where she knew a group of Diglett lived. <Anyone home?> she asked. "Diglett Dig Diglett Dig!" came several voices, and several Diglett popped out of the ground. "Hi!" said one Diglett. "Want to play?" said another. <Well, I have a favor to ask.> said Stellara. "We'll do anything for you!" said the first Diglett. "Yeah, you saved us from those trainers!" said another. <Good. Well, you see, I took a bunch of Poké Balls from a store, and I need to get rid of them. So I was hoping you guys could help me bury them.> "Sure thing!" said a Diglett. Soon, the Poké Balls were buried underground, and the Diglett left to go do, um, Diglett stuff. <Well, that was a temporary solution.> said Stellara. <Well, I guess I'll look around the forest.> She did, and soon came upon two humans, a guy and a girl. They had Poké Balls on their belts, and were talking. "Yeah, he said he and his friends caught a bunch of Abra and Kadabra around here!" said the guy. "Really? When was this?" asked the girl. "Well, it was a couple years ago. But they should still be around!" Stellara gasped. Could they be talking about her family?! She had to find out. She Teleported in front of the two. "I told you!" said the guy. "I'm gonna catch- Hey! I-I-I c-c-can't move!" "Stop it!" shouted the girl to Stellara. <Be quiet.> said Stellara, also paralyzing the girl. She turned to the boy. <Who was it who said they caught Abra and Kadabra here?> "Some trainer I had a battle with a few weeks ago." Said the guy. <Who was it?> "I don't know his name." <Where did you find this person?> "When I was in Celedon City. I don't know anything about him, I swear!" <Last question. Was there a girl and another guy traveling with him?> "Yeah, I think so." <Thank you for your cooperation.> said Stellara, releasing him and the girl. <Now, I suggest you leave this forest, and don't catch any Pokémon.> She Teleported away. "Do we listen to it?" said the girl. "No way! We can't stop catching Pokémon!" said the guy. Suddenly, a small rock hit the guy in the head. "Ow!" <I suggest that you listen to me.> said Stellara. <Goodbye.> <Let's see here.> said Stellara, looking at a map she had found. <Celedon City, Celedon City….Ah! Here it is! Just south of Cerulean.> Stellara went back to the small cave where she lived. She packed up some food, and what few belongings she had (a cloth and some polishing stuff to polish her spoon, some earrings, and a really cool red rock shaped like a star). She Teleported to the southern part of Cerulean City, and started walking south down the road. She got quite a few odd looks. <I hate walking.> she thought. <I wish I could just Teleport there, but I've never been there! I've never been anywhere but here before. I wonder if its different in other places?> So, she headed for Celedon. Will she finally find her family? TBC Ivyna J. Spyder My Pokémon and Beast Wars Page