From: Lucrecia84 <> Subject: [PW!] Stellara Strikes Back. Well, kind of... Date: Monday, October 04, 1999 2:03 PM Note: Most Pokémon speech will be translated. None of them are actually speaking English. Well, Stellara can speak telepathically, but she's not really speaking English, but your mind kind of translates it, oh never mind… A kid walked down a path. He had short brown hair, and had a Poké Ball on his belt. He was probably thirteen. "This is so great!" he said. "I caught three new Pokémon, and now I'm going to catch every Pokémon I see!" He heard a fluttering sound, and looked up. There was a Pidgeotto! "Wow!" he said. "A Pidgeotto!" The Pidgeotto flew into a nearby tree, and onto its nest. Three eggs were in the nest. "Hey, come out and fight!" said the kid. The Pidgeotto saw the kid. He was way too close to her nest. She flew out at him, pecking at him. "Don't fight me, fight my Pokémon!" shouted the kid. "Go, Charmander!" "Char!" said the cute Fire Pokémon. The kid ran away from the Pidgeotto. "Charmander, use Flamethrower!" "CHAAARRR!" it yelled, roasting the Pidgeotto. "Pidge…" it said weakly. "Alright! Go, Poké Ball!" he said, throwing one. It caught the Pidgeotto! "Yes! I caught- Aaauughh!" "Char?" asked the Charmander. "I-I-I c-an't m-m-move!" said the kid. The Poké Ball suddenly fell from his hand. The Charmander looked around, trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and a large figure appeared in front of the boy. "Kadabra!" it said, and the boy was suddenly lifted into the air! "Help!" he shouted, flailing around. "Char!" said Charmander. It was about to breathe fire, but found itself unable to move! "Please leave me alone!" said the boy. "Kada." The boy was set on the ground, but was still paralyzed. "Char!" said the Charmander angrily. <Please be quiet. I'm in a bad mood today.> said a voice in its mind. The Kadabra looked like any other Kadabra, except it had no mustache, and was wearing earrings in the shape of crescent moons. It walked over to the ball holding the Pidgeotto. It pressed the button on the side, and the Pidgeotto appeared in a bright flash. "What happened?! I need to get to my nest!" it squawked. <You're free to go.> "Thank you." It said, nodding. It flew away to its nest. The Kadabra grabbed the other three Poké Balls, and opened them. "Where am I?" said the Ekans. "Hey, who are you?" said a Spearow. "It's weird in those things. Makes you feel all funny." Said a Bellsprout. <Well, I freed you. You can leave if you want, I guess.> "You can do that?" asked the Ekans. "Cool. Well, I have to go, I have a date waiting!" "Whatever. Well, at least now I won't miss that party." Said the Spearow, flying away. "I think I'll stick with the kid. His Charmander may have fried me, but I don't really have anywhere to go." Said the Bellsprout, shrugging with its leaves. "Thanks anyway. Don't be too hard on the kid." It went back in the Poké Ball. The kid gasped. "Hey, you let my Pokémon go!" <You still have the Bellsprout, and you shouldn't have caught them anyway.> said the Kadabra. <You humans make Pokémon your slaves, and force them to battle. When they win, you get the credit.> "Isn't that what we're supposed to do?" asked the kid. <That Pidgeotto had a nest of eggs in that tree. What would have happened to them if you had taken its mother?> The kid frowned. "I see what you mean." <I suggest that you stop trying to catch Pokémon. Otherwise, well, bad things might happen to you.> "But I have to become a Pokémon Master!" <But you don't have to be cruel doing it.> said the Kadabra. <This is your only warning. Don't just go around capturing every Pokémon you see. Some Pokémon will join you willingly, you only have to ask. They want the free food and ride. Tell others what I have said.> "Who are you?" said the kid. "I've never met a Pokémon like you!" <I am Stellara, and I'm only trying to help Pokémon.> With that, she vanished, and the kid got up. "Weird." said the Charmander. It turned to the boy. "Going to listen to what she said?" "I guess. I never did feel too good about beating up the Pokémon like that. Oh well…" Stellara reappeared near a stream, and went to get a drink. <Dumb kid.> she thought. <I'll bet that he's probably chasing after those Pokémon I freed by now. …> She stretched, and looked around, wondering what to do. She had already successfully stopped five captures today. Death toll, two. She had found one human trying to drop a bag of Growlithe puppies into a river. How could anyone be so cruel? Well, she saved the puppies, and dropped them off at the Pokémon Center. As for the human, well, he got what would have been the fate of the puppies. <Serves him right.> thought Stellara. The other human had been shooting at Pokémon with a BB gun, and killed a Caterpie and an Oddish. Stellara just wouldn't stand for that, and when the guy tried to fire at some Rattata, she made the shots go right back at the guy at high speed, and, well, the results were rather messy. Stellara didn't consider what she did to be bad. Just the opposite. She was saving Pokémon from lives of slavery, and saving others from death! Some Pokémon would get mad at her for killing humans. But she never did without a reason. The only ones she had killed so far were ones that she knew were mean to their Pokémon. She either caught them in the act, or read their minds to find out. Those kinds of humans deserved to die. Of course, if they had a really good reason for killing the Pokémon, like, for example, that Pokémon had just killed their best friend, Stellara would usually let that slide. There were lots of good trainers, who treated their Pokémon fairly. She never planned on releasing ones that had been with their trainers for a long time and were friends with them. They would be very upset if something happened to the trainers. She gave them a choice to leave, and sometime they did, and sometimes they didn't. Stopping humans from capturing Pokémon was a big job. She could only cover a small area, and she couldn't always stop them if they had really strong Pokémon. It had been six years since her family had been taken away. Stellara still remembered the day vividly. She remembers crawling out of the tree to find everyone she knew gone. She remembers trying to look for them, and getting caught out in the rain. She spent the night huddled under a leaf. She nearly starved before she found something she could eat, and several times was almost eaten by large Pokémon. <All because of them…> she said angrily. She had bent her spoon without realizing it. She frowned, and started trying to get it back to its proper shape. She had been referring to the three who captured her family. She remembered what they looked like, but they had probably changed over the last few years, and she didn't have a clue where they were. She leaned against a tree, and wondered, like she did everyday, where her family was, and if they were searching for her. She had tried a few times to look in different cities, but the world was too big, and she didn't know where to start. For now, she'd stay in this area. Who knows, maybe one day her family might escape from the humans who caught them, and come back here to find her. <I need a better way to do this. Something to stop more humans from catching Pokémon recklessly.> <I got it!> she said. <If they can't buy Poké Balls, then they can't catch Pokémon! I'm a genius! Alakazam, eat your heart out!> She thought for a moment. <Wait, no they'd just get some from another store. Dang it. Well, might as well try. What have I got to lose? And besides, I'm bored out of my mind.> So, she Teleported to Cerulean City. 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