From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Stop And Smell The Rosetta! Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 10:43 PM Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: > A single Pidgeot with two human riders, one male and one female, lands at > the Pidgeot Express in Viridian City. The couple dismounts and heads > inside, hoping to not get asked any questions about their journey. > There's no such luck. > > A big burly guy steps up to Robert and grabs his shirt collar. The bald > man is wearing a solid black T-shirt with the words 'SECURITY' on it in > large white letters. The man grunts as he talks, "We were expectin' two > Pidgeot comin' from Fuschia, an' I only see one. I don't suppose you > captured one of 'em and hid 'em on the way here, right? RIGHT?!" > > Robert sweatdrops, and doesn't struggle to break free, "No, sir. One of > them fainted when another bird attacked it! I don't know where it fell, > but I'm sure it'll turn up. It's not every day a Pidgeot falls into your > backyard..." > > "You expect me to believe *that* lame story?!" The security guard shakes > Robert around, "Pidgeot Express Pidgeot are trained to Level 100! No > freakin' wild Fearow flyin' around up there downed one'a our Pidgeot, you > damn liar!" > > Robert smiles nervously, and stutters out, "Now... there's no need for > profanity, Mr. Security guard. I think that... that the Pidgeot fainted > since the bird attacking it was using Electric attacks, and Flying > Pokemon are weak against..." > > "ELECTRIC?!" The guard shoves Robert away, into Rilli's arms, "That could > only mean one thing... Zapdos. Look, kid, we're goin' to check up on that > bastard bird's location, and if we find out you were lyin', we're findin' > you wherever the hell you are and sendin' you straight to the slammer!" > The security lumbers away, leaving Robert trembling in fear... > > Mithril-rama runs her hands through Robert's messy black hair, "Don't > worry. They'll see that the Zapdos did it." > > "I know, but did he have to say so many bad words?" Robert frowns, > rubbing his ears as if they have been hurt by the swearing, "Let's just > find a map to Rosetta Town. We should get there by..." Robert glances at > his watch, "2 PM." > > After finding a young lady at the Pidgeot Express office kind enough to > give the young couple a map and directions on how to arrive at the > usually untraveled to Town of Rosetta, Robert and Mithril-rama head out > into Viridian City. Since their business is elsewhere, Mithril-rama > ignores her surroundings, and instead fiddles with her Pokepedia as she > walks. > > Robert's reason for ignoring his surroundings goes far beyond the fact > that the ultimate destination is Rosetta Town. Many locations in the city > bring back horrendous memories of the day he spent there without > Mithril-rama. He even passes the building that has ostentatious > Corinthian columns without even glancing towards it - the Viridian City > Gym. But the attempt to forget only forces him to remember what happened > there. He remembers that he never told Rilli what he tried to do that one > night in the river east of the city. He shakes his head. The flashbacks > late at night will cease someday. > > The silence continues even after Robert and Rilli have left Viridian City > far behind. They walk through grass fields, scaring Pidgey and Spearow > away. Robert is startled occasionally by a wild Rattata, but since they > are frightened by the tall human being, none of the Pokemon approach the > human for the same reason the human doesn't approach them. The scenery on > the way to the Town with the famous University also includes forested > areas and tranquil ponds. > > Without warning, Mithril-rama's hand is grabbed by Robert's, and the girl > is willingly led up to one of the natural ponds. A fallen log next to the > water had beckoned Robert to sit on it with his girlfriend, to enjoy a > quiet moment together. Mithril-rama sits on the log, but still stares at > the Pokepedia she holds in her free hand, oblivious to what is around > her. > > Robert releases her hand and nuzzles up against her shoulder, "You've > been quiet, Rilli..." > > Mithril-rama nods, and continues to type things into her Pokepedia, "I've > got serious work to do, Robert. You don't just see a Legendary Bird and > shrug it off. RK wanted me to continue adding to the Pokepedia, and > that's what I'm doing. I can only pause to chat for a little while, since > I have to get all this work done before I forget what happened." > > "There's always time time to stop and smell the roses!" Robert plucks a > nearby white rose, smells it, and stares at his reflection in the pond, > "Just look around you, Rilli! This place is so serene, and all you can do > is worry about research?" > > Mithril-rama glances up from the Pokepedia, "Pond. Nice." She then looks > back down and goes back to work. > > "That's all you have to say?" Robert sighs, working on attaching the > white rose on Rilli's hair, "Usually when we're near a pond by ourselves > like this you kick off your shoes and dip your feet into the water... > like when we were taking the long route to Fuschia City... and when we > were having that relaxing afternoon in Vermilion City. Those are some of > my fondest memories with you..." Robert admires the white rose he managed > to pin on Rilli's hair while he was talking. > > Mithril-rama looks up from her Pokepedia, and faces Robert, "I'm sorry... > I'll turn the Pokepedia off for a while. I'm sure there will be plenty of > time to do Pokemon Research when we get to Rosetta Town." Mithril-rama > shuts off the device, and hides it in her purse. She swiftly manages to > remove her small sneakers without undoing the laces, pulls off her socks, > and sinks her bare feet into the cool water, "Brrr... This water reminds > me of the Frosty Breeze in the Seafoam Caves!" > > Robert follows suit, and affirms Rilli's observation once he places his > own feet in the water, "It *is* pretty cold... but it still feels nice > after all that walking." Robert leans against his girlfriend, and closes > his eyes. This moment of peace doesn't last long, since he feels a pain > on his little toe, "OUCH!" Robert swings one foot out of the water, an > attached Poliwag along with it. Robert shakes his foot, "First the > Krabby, now this?! Why do Pokemon seem to think that I'm a Slowpoke?!" > > Mithril-rama can't seem to chuckle when her boyfriend is being bitten, > even by such a small Pokemon, "Need help getting that Poliwag off?" This > question is soon answered when Rilli gets smacked by the Poliwag on her > forehead! Since the incoming velocity is high, Rilli is knocked > backwards, and her legs shoot up out of the water, twitching. "Guess... > not." > > "Poliwag, eh?" Robert offers his arm to Rilli, and she sits up. The poor > girl has a Poliwag swirl temporarily imprinted on her forehead. Robert > isn't sure what to say, "Uhhh... hey, that looks like an unused Pokemon. > Why don't you catch it?" > > Mithril-rama rubs her forehead as she explains, "I caught one once, but I > gave it away to someone who wanted it more. They aren't very powerful, > and I'm happy with just Horsea as my only Water Pokemon." > > "Don't you mean Horsea *and* Omanyte?" Robert asks, recalling Rilli's > unused unused Pokemon. > > Mithril-rama nods, sweatdropping, "Oh yeah. Him too." She feels Bubbles > popping at the back of her neck. She turns around to meet face to face > with an angry Poliwag. She whips out her Pokepedia and points it at the > Pokemon. The Pokepedia explains, "Poliwag, the Tadpole Pokemon. The > average height of this Water Pokemon is 2 feet tall. Its newly grown legs > prevent it from running. It appears to prefer swimming than trying to > stand. Initially, it can only use Bubble, Hypnosis, and Water Gun > attacks, but when it evolves into Poliwrath, it grows arms and learns the > Doubleslap attack. This Pokemon is almost exclusively found in ponds of > shallow water in or around Pallet Town and Viridian City." > > Robert stares at the tiny Pokemon standing near Rilli's feet, "That > Pokepedia makes anything sound awesome! Let's see what the Pokedex has to > say." Robert grabs his Pokedex and points it at the Poliwag, "Poliwag, a > Water Pokemon. Information on this Pokemon is still unavailable since so > few people catch it that it can't be studied." Robert chuckles, "Fifty > billion Pokemon trainers can't be wrong! I won't catch it, but I *will* > teach it a lesson! No one bites me and gets away with it!" Robert lowers > his voice to a whisper, " long as the biter is a tiny defenseless > Pokemon." > > "Vileplume, go!" Once Robert has thrown the Pokeball, a large blue flower > with heavy red petals appears. The Vileplume looks around, and her tiny > eyes go wide with joy when she sees that she's been released into a > plant's paradise! She waddles up to the nearby pond, and dips her own > feet in, to absorb much needed water. "Vileplume Plume..." > > The Poliwag stares at Vileplume for a moment, before realizing that she's > not a threat, and leaps up to Rilli's face! The Water Pokemon bites onto > and stays hanging from Rilli's nose! Rilli growls, "That's it. > Electabuzz, go!" A strong golden Pokeball with an emerald for a button > flies out of Rilli's purse and snaps open, releasing a fierce yellow > Pokemon, "Brublearblubreahbleah!!!" Mithril-rama's Electabuzz stands with > his arms flailing about his above his head. > > Robert backs away from the Electric Pokemon, knowing that Rilli's > Electabuzz isn't too fond of him. Not only had Robert taken away > Electabuzz's place at Rilli's side, the only Pokeball that was ever able > to contain him was the one Robert gave to Rilli as a gift for assisting > him in his first successful Gym match against Daisy in Cerulean City. > Robert's golden Pokeball had cost Electabuzz his freedom, and the > seemingly dumb brute is vaguely aware of this fact. > > Mithril-rama pulls the Poliwag off of her face and throws it up to > Electabuzz's eye level, as if she's pitching it to him, "Thunder Punch!" > The wily Electabuzz winds up one fist and slams it against the Poliwag, > immediately knocking it out. The Thunder Punch sends the Poliwag flying > off into the afternoon sky! When it reaches high enough, it disappears. > Ping! Mithril-rama rubs her aching nose, and looks up at the sky, "...and > that's why you never ever bite me!" > > Robert pauses to think for a moment, "Wait a minute, wasn't I the one who > was getting my revenge?" > > "Does it really matter?" Rilli goes up to Robert, stands on tip-toes, and > gives him a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks for trying. We shouldn't be far > from Rosetta Town after all that walking we did up to now. Let's keep > going." > > Once their shoes are back on, Robert and Rilli leave the pond area. > Mithril-rama is being followed by her Electabuzz, who is being rewarded > for his feat with some time outside of the Pokeball. Robert has his > Vileplume following him, since he figures that if she needed water, she > must need some sunlight as well. The formation of two people and two > Pokemon soon arrive at Rosetta Town, which is teaming with young adults > attending the University of Rosetta. > > A tall old bald man with brown eyes dressed in nice clothing stands out > in the crowd. His eyes narrow, then open wide, when he sees the couple > enter the Town. He approaches them, "You must be Robert... and you must > be Rilli." > > Robert and Rilli nod simultaneously. Robert adds, "How do you know? Who > are you?" > > "I am Dr. Xavier Eckert, the Dean of the University of Rosetta. Sarah > Jane, my granddaughter, told me that you'd be coming. I didn't expect to > see you so soon, but I'm glad you're both here." The intelligent old man > smiles, "I was just looking for my wife, Lillian, but I can postpone that > until later. Would you like me to show you around the facilities?" > > Robert looks at Rilli, then at Vileplume and Electabuzz, then back at Dr. > Xavier Eckert, "Sure. We'd be honored!" > "This is a small town," explained Dr. Eckert. "The main focal point is the University." "Sarah Jane told us about it," said Rilli. "That's why we wanted to come here." "Well, our university focuses on the study of Pokemon. Some of our graduates have continued on to positions in research at Azure Heights and Silph Co.," said Dr. Eckert as he led them towards a series of large, rose colored buildings. "Why don't we stop by my office first, then we can look in on some more of the life around the campus?" "Sounds fine," said Robert. He and Rilli followed Dr. Eckert across the campus grounds. They can't help but stare at the size of the buildings, the number of people, and the variety of Pokemon roaming around. Dr. Eckert explains the history of the campus, as well as describes some of the curriculum available. Finally they stop at the administrative building, the most impressive building on the campus. After a brief stop at the doctor's secretary, they enter Dr. Eckert's personal office. Inside they are surprised to find that one side of the room is an artificial mini beach. A very large Kingler that had been napping in the water got up at the sound of their approach. "Man.... that Kingler is huge...." said Robert as he stared at a Kingler that was large enough to seat 2 people comfortably on its back. Remembering a previous incident with a Krabby, Robert almost instinctively backs away when the Kingler approaches. Vileplume and Electabuzz watched the strange Pokemon warily. "Don't let him worry you. This Kingler was the first Pokemon I ever caught. Several of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have started other trainers on their journeys," said Dr. Eckert. "Like Sarah Jane's Krabby?" asked Rilli. Dr. Eckert nodded. "You mean Kingler now," said Robert. "It evolved after a battle at the Big P Ranch." "Well, hear that old boy?" said Dr. Eckert as he petted the Kingler fondly. "Your great-grandson's growing up." The Kingler burbled happily at the news. "Now, perhaps we should start off by looking at the labs, then move on to the medical facility," began Dr. Eckert. A buzz from the intercom on his desk interupted him. "Dr. Eckert, President DeVere is here to see you," said the secretary. "Tell him I'm...." began Dr. Eckert. Before he could finish his statement, the door burst open, revealing a distinguished looking gray haired gentleman in a rather expensive looking suit. "ECKERT! WHAT'S THIS I HEAR FROM MY LITTLE ANGEL ABOUT YOU BUYING A POKEMON THAT SHE WANTED??????" exploded President DeVere. Robert and Rilli observed the newcomer with much distaste. "I have no idea what you are talking about," replied Dr. Eckert calmly. "My precious Candi called me up in tears last night, saying that she had wanted to buy a Ponyta, but that you had already purchased it! The owner wouldn't take a higher price." "That Ponyta had been purchased before your grandaughter had even seen it. It was _my_ granddaughter's birthday present. The transaction had already been finished before Candi had set eyes on it." Dr. Eckert stares at the president levelly. "Meanwhile, you already purchased Candi a Charizard, which she can't even control." "That's no excuse! My granddaughter wants....." "Excuse me President DeVere," began Dr. Eckert coolly, "but I have people in my office. Your granddaughter's wants can be discussed at a later time." "And who are _you_?" demanded President DeVere, turning on Robert and Rilli. "We're.... we're...." began Rilli. "President DeVere, you are not making a positive image for these potential students," interejected Dr. Eckert. "Prospective.... oh.... ah.... excuse me...." apologies the president. "Eckert, we will discuss this further." DeVere exited the room. "Pompus twit.... it's almost impossible to spoil that granddaughter of his any more than she is," muttered Dr. Eckert. Turning to Robert and Rilli, he apologized. "I'm sorry about the president's intrusion. He's a bit overbearing." "Well, that definitely explains that girl Candi who challenged Sarah Jane," said Robert. "He would have bought her way into Pokemon Tech if she had wanted it. But Candi wanted to go on a journey like the other children," explained Dr. Eckert. "He buys her whatever she wants. She hasn't even managed to catch a Pidgey with an Ultraball." With a sigh he said, "Well, you didn't come to hear about the spoiled little rich girl of Rosetta. How about we begin the tour?" "That would be great," said Rilli. The first stop is an on-campus Pokemon Center. Several Pokemon doctors and nurses in training practice bustle about treating various pokemon injuries. A few rooms are set up as lecture halls, where potential medical personell and Chanseys demonstrate Pokemon medical procedures. After the center, they enter another building full of laboratories. As they walk, Rilli makes notes onto a pad, to later be transferred into her Pokepedia. One lab seems to be devoted to Pokeball research. In another lab, students are testing Pokemon and TMs. In another, students were feeding baby Pokemon of various breeds. The next room caught Robert's attention. Under a professor's supervision, some students were exposing different Pokemon to evolution stones. Other students recorded the results. "What are they doing?" Robert asked. "Testing stone evolutions," explained Dr. Eckert. "Stones are very hard to find. They're testing to see what is the smallest possible stone that can be used to evolve different species. One thing they discovered is that a Pikachu doesn't need as large a thunderstone to evolve into a Raichu as a Eevee needs to evolve into a Jolteon." "Wow! Do they know why?" asked Rilli. "The main theory is that it requires more energy to evolve an Eevee, because an Eevee has, so far, three different evolutions, depending on the stone used." "What do you mean by 'so far?'" asked Rilli. "Well, there's are a couple of unsuccessful experiments with using Moon Stones and Leaf Stones to try and evolve Eevees," explained Dr. Eckert. "They're not doing anything to hurt the Eevees, are they?" asked Robert. "No, no," Dr. Eckert assured them. "They're working to try and modify the stones. Another group is trying to isolate why certain Pokemon require evolution stones, many Pokemon do not require stones, and some Pokemon don't evolve at all." Robert looked at Dr. Eckert. "Has any research been done on Farfetch'd?" "What do you mean?" "Does Farfetch'd evolve? How do you make one evolve?" Robert asked eagerly. "I don't know of any recent research on Farfetch'd myself," said Dr. Eckert. "As far as I know, there's no way to do so." At Robert's crestfallen look, Dr. Eckert added, "That doesn't mean that there is absolutely no way for it to evolve. It may not evolve until some as of yet unattained level. There may be some undiscovered stone out there that triggers evolution in the Pokemon that don't seem to evolve, like Tangela, Mr. Mime, and Farfetch'd." Dr. Eckert turned to Robert and Rilli. "That's where young people like you two come in." "Us?" chorused Robert and Rilli in surprise. "Young people like you two, out on your Pokemon journeys, often become the researchers of tomorrow. Like you two, they ask questions that need answers. Then they set out to find those answers. When I was younger, I often wondered about different Pokemon. I saw pokemon of the same breeds with different fighting capabilities. Some, with proper care and training, became top notch fighters. Others, no matter how intensely you trained them, didn't seem to be able to be more than pets. I observed breeders, and became facinated. I decided to research why there were these variations between members of a breed. One thing led to another, and here I am. Dean of Research, with my focus on Pokemon breeding. One day, you may Dean of this college, focusing on Pokemon evolution. Or Rilli may be a developer of future Pokedexes or Pokepedias." "Whoa...." said Robert and Rilli. "Well, how about we have some lunch in the student center, then move on to the library?" suggested Dr. Eckert. The 3 pokemon, who had followed along rather bored by the human discussion, nodded in agreement. <TBC> -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||