From: Nendil <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Stop And Smell The Rosetta! Date: Thursday, October 28, 1999 10:28 PM Roberto Perez-Vila <> wrote in message > > Robert focuses on a piece of paper with blurred writing on it, still oblivious to the > fact that his girlfriend is still in her bedtime clothing, "I'm trying to decipher > something I wrote late last night, Rilli. Could you please go and find out if a ship is > headed for Cinnabar Island? I don't care what kind of ship it is, as long as we can > afford it and it is leaving really soon." "Uh... okay..." the girl stuttered, still somewhat dazed. She looked down at herself. "I gotta change first though." Robert looked up from his paper for a moment. "In front of everyone? Yikes!" "Err, no..." Rilli halted any further arguments when she saw Robert studying the paper again. She simply sighed briefly and glanced around for a place that offered privacy. A discreet (or as discreet as she could be at the time which was, unfortunately, not very) trip to a restroom managed to solve that problem. She stepped out in more fitting clothes, and glanced about for boat schedules posted anywhere. There was no luck in that, so she stepped up to a ticket booth. "Excuse me, but are there any ships leaving for Cinnabar soon?" The attendant typed a few numbers into her computer. "The earliest boat is departing in five minutes. You can still purchase tickets for $70." "Sure, I'll take two..." Rilli agreed easily and dug into her pockets for money. She counted the few coins that she came up with. "$15? Darn it, those Pidgeots must have cost a lot more than we thought. Uh... is there anything I can afford with that?" The ticket seller frowned and pressed a few more keys. "If you're willing to wait twenty minutes, a small ferry will be departing, but not all the way to Cinnabar. It will stop on a nearby island and you can take another boat from there." "Better than nothing, I guess..." Rilli muttered as she made the purchase. "Looks like we'll have to depend on Slowbro after all." Robert was still concentrating on his scribbles as Rilli returned, though now he has an odd expression on his face. Rilli glanced over his shoulder at the scrawled handwriting and tried to make some sense of it. "I bought us some tickets... maybe you should put that away so we can go get some seats on the boat." Nendil -- The Aquafraternal Fanart Corner