From: Lewis19 <> Subject: [PW!] Study of the Weedle(Frosterpie should add this one to his main archive) Date: Sunday, October 10, 1999 8:41 AM Last time, our hero Lewis battled with the unnoficial Gym leader Icy. After Buttercup defeated Marowak, Static frying Pidgeot, and Alakzam and Hocus fought to a standoff, it was down to Weedle and Gloom. Weedle was about to lose when it mysteriousely unleashed a psybeam attack! And now we join Lewis and Sara trying to uncover the mystery... "Weedle, just stay calm and stay under the light." Lewis said to Weedle as he went underneath a scanner. Sara looked under a microscope and saw Weedle's DNA. "It looks like standard Weedle DNA. The only thing strange is a high number of intelligence neurons." Sara says. "Intelligence neurons?" Lewis asks. "What gives bug Pokémon the advantage of being superior to psychic type is that most don't have a localized brain. their mind is spread out through neurons across their body, and when one is damaged, it can easily be shut down and transfered to another neuron until it's repaired. There are a lot more then a standard Weedle in your Weedle." Sara explains. "Could that explain why Weedle fired a psybeam?" Lewis asks. "I'm not sure. No Weedle in history has fired a psybeam!" Sara says. "Well, this is very strange." Lewis says. Weedle crawls out. Lewis takes out a cellular microscope and inspects Weedle. "This is fascinating!" Lewis exclaims. "What?" Sara asks. "Look at this!" Lewis says, handing over the cellular microscope. Sara looks into it. The neurons were glowing! They were getting bright, and energy was flowing through them. "I think I have an explanation." Sara says. "What?" Lewis asks. "Your psychic, right?" Sara asks. "Yes. Most people from Saffron are psychic." Lewis replies. "Where did you catch this Weedle?" Sara asks. "Just outside of Saffron, why?" Lewis asks. "Your Weedle has psychic-type DNA in it. It must have been descended from a psychic type Pokémon, so logically, you have the rarest Weedle in the world because it knows psychic attacks! But according to this it needs a lot of adrenaline to start the psy attacks." Sara replies. TBC -- Posted via Talkway - Exchange ideas on practically anything (tm).