From: <> Subject: [PW][CRAVEN] The birth of Jib-Jib Date: Thursday, October 21, 1999 5:01 PM Craven had been sitting around Viridian for a few weeks now, recovering from his extensive battle with that damn pikachu, with the sword. He was now ready to go back into action, and had just entered Giovanni's office for a new assignment, "Ahh Craven have a seat, I need to tell you something." Craven did as he was told sitting in a large leather chair, "Sir before we start I would like to say that I am ready to start working again and..." Craven was cut short as Giovanni held up a hand a sign of silence. "Craven you got pummeled pretty badly during the Icy job, and because of this its come to my attention that you may need some form of backup, a partner to be more precise." "WHAT SIR in all respect I dont need a partner, I mean true I got a little shabby on the Icy job but no permanent damage..." "Craven you have an artificial liver and a kidney. You dont get much more permamnent than that. Anyway my minds made up, but this isnt going to be your average partner," Giovanni said smiling, he pushed a button and a man walked in carrying an egg. The rocket put the egg down on the desk. It hit Craven what was going on, "OH NO, there's no way im working with one of those, creatures." "You dont have a choice, this Jigglypuff Egg is yours, and you will train it and teach it fight, and maybe even how to use some weapons. He's going to be your pokemon and partner, you need some help especially for frontal confrontations like the Icy job." Craven started to say something but Giovanni held up his hand, "You dont have a choice in the matter, your excused." Craven grabbed the egg and walked out in a huff. He went to his room and put the egg on his bed, "Stupid pokemon." <Scene Switch> A couple days later, the egg still layed on the bed wrapped in blankets, Craven walked in and sat down on his bed, he looked at the egg, "I wish you'd hurry up and hatch," he said. As if on cue the egg began to wiggle, a small crack appeared in it. Craven stood up almost afraid of the beginning of a ne wlife, he was so used to viewing the opposite. A small hole appeared in the egg, followed by the second, it kept wiggling until it fell off the bed. Craven dove for it and caught it. Then the top flew off, a small red Jigglypuff popped out and saw Craven staring back at it. "Jib Jib JIBBLYPUFF!!!!" It yelled in joy as it grabbed Craven around the neck and hugged him. Craven was not used to recieving hugs. He took the small Jigglypuff out of the shell, and looked at it. "Hmmm what did you say again?" he asked. "Jib Jib, PUFF!" It obviously had a speech impediment wasnt very good with its g's. "Well then I guess your name is going to be Jib Jib, maybe you will make a good partner, with a little training." Craven smiled as he thought of the possibilites. 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