From: C_and_J <> Subject: [PW!] The Cycling Road Menace!! Date: Saturday, October 16, 1999 2:02 PM Chapter 4 One of Erika’s Jr. Trainers suggested that we try out Rain against all the bikers on the Cycling Road. Jordan was a little worried, but Rain seemed confident. He hopped on his bike and road down to the path. One after another, trainers fell. Everything from Koffings to Machokes were fainting. This was one sandshrew had just endured 15 trainers, and over 30 Pokemon, and had just started to break a sweat. He thought Rain should try one more trainer before they headed home. Bad move. The next trainer had 2 flyers, a Pigeotto and a Spearow, and a little water pokemon, Horsea. Rain breezed through the first 2, but then came Horsea. Rain froze. It was scared stiff all because of a level 5 Horsea. Rain fell after one hit. Jordan forked over some money, which wasn’t that much compared to how much he had just made creaming the other trainers. After another stop at the Pokemon Center, they went home. Jordan could see that even though Rain had beaten all those trainers, it was still mad at losing to a level 5 water Pokemon. Jordan then started to brain-storm some ideas on how to help his new buddy.