From: SMarsh5932 <smarsh5932@aol.comedy> Subject: [PW!] The First Round Faceoff Date: Thursday, October 28, 1999 7:11 PM We join our hero inside of the Seafoam Island Arena, preparing to begin his first battle in the Water Zone. The rules were simple, one pokemon each, with various environments to battle that are located in places under the arena, that will be broadcast on the multiple screens hovering above the main arena floor. The top four contenders to battle for a chance to win the coveted "Eye of Seafoam" Badge (it looks like a sharper ruby version of the Boulder Badge with an S carved in a gold on the front side like the one on the Pokemon League Badge), a badge that's only available in this tournament that is held every decade. A humbled CJ slowly entered the arena as he looked at his surrounds, several round platforms two feet above water level in which the pokemon would battle on. A young boy the other side with his Growlithe. CJ pulled out a pokeball and threw it on the closest platform,"Here comes... Starmie!" The two pokemon engaged on battle as Starmie nailed him with two spinning aerial tackles before submerging into the water to avoid Growlithe's Flamethrower. "That's no fair!"screamed the boy from the other side of the room."You're cheating!" "That move is perfectly legal,"snapped back CJ." Moments later, as the small Growlithe looked over the side of the pool, Starmie nailed him with his Water Gun from the other side which sent the puppy pokemon head first into the water. The boy had no choice to call his pokemon back, forfeiting the match and sending CJ and his pokemon into the next match inside the Forest Zone.