From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] The Pokemon League? Date: Monday, October 04, 1999 3:08 PM "So you're a Pokemon... *and* a trainer? You're... both?" Nurse Joy can't seem to figure out what's the deal with the talking Slowpoke standing on the desk before her. He has given her three Pokeballs and ordered her to heal them. "Why is it so very difficult for you to understand, healer?" Luthor slowly rolls his eyes, "When I asked the useless people in this city full of useless rocks where I could get my slaves healed, they directed me here. They told me to look for 'the attractive woman in the nurse uniform', but since I couldn't find anyone matching that description, I settled for you." Nurse Joy frowns, pulling the tray with three Pokeballs away from Luthor, "You're not cute like other Slowpoke." "Do you think that the great Luthor is here to amuse you? To be pleasing to your eyes and ears?" Luthor shakes his head defiantly, "You are mistaken. Luthor is here to gain the utmost respect from everyone on this measly planet!" As the Nurse Joy from Pewter City puts the tray full of Pokeballs inside her special healing machine, she says, "You're never going to gain respect by being rude and obnoxious. A better way to gain people's respect would be to become a Pokemon Master by entering the Pokemon League. I'm sure it would impress everyone if that happened. I remember a talking Alakazam who tried to do that very same thing, but gave up before reaching the Elite Four." "Pokemon League? The Doppler's lackey said that the Doppler was against this organization." Luthor looks up at a nearby poster that promotes the Pokemon League, the same poster that Ash Ketchum once viewed for inspiration. "Then it's more the reason for me to join it. The Doppler seems to be one of the most heroic super heroes on the face of the earth, trying to liberate slaves and preach equality amongst Pokemon. This alone makes him my enemy. Whatever he despises must be deliciously evil." Luthor smiles at the homing device in his paw, "I'll keep this hero on a short leash." Ding! The sound a microwave makes emits from the healing machine. Nurse Joy pulls the tray out, and places it in front of Luthor, "Isn't modern technology great? We used to actually have to take Pokemon out of their Pokeballs first!" "Apathy is destructive. Fetch me an application form for the Pokemon League, healer." Luthor commands her. Since Nurse Joy is used to being a servant of the people and Pokemon, she goes to find an application. Luthor telekinetically moves his three Pokeballs back onto his belt, one at a time. He then moves Doppler's homing device into his backpack. By the time the Slowpoke is finished with his inventory, Nurse Joy returns with an application and a pen made of slate, "I seriously doubt you can write, since you don't have opposable thumbs. Would you like me to fill it out for you?" "I don't need assistance from the likes of you, human healer!" Luthor mentally snatches the form away from her. He telekinetically moves the gray pen onto the form, and starts to write using his mind, grunting from the difficulty of the feat. Nurse Joy frowns, "Well then, don't come back looking for any help when your Pokemon are defeated by Brock." The pen abruptly falls over. Luthor looks up at Nurse Joy, "Who is this... Brock?" It's Nurse Joy's turn to roll her eyes, "He's the Pewter City Gym Leader. You're going to have to beat him in a Pokemon match if you want to get a Boulder Badge. You need a Boulder Badge and seven other Badges to enter the Pokemon League, not just an application. In fact, most trainers don't fill out their forms until after they've earned the eight Badges!" "Then I will follow standard procedure." Since Luthor's psychic powers are weakening due to overuse, he folds the application before him using his paws, and places it in his backpack, along with his new official Pewter City pen. "Tell me where this Pewter City Gym is located. Brock will stand no chance against my vicious, blood-thirsty army of Pokemon." As Luthor leaps off the counter and gradually works his way towards the exit, Nurse Joy wants to find out which 'vicious' Pokemon Luthor has. She pushes some buttons on her machine to find out which were the last three Pokemon healed, and she sees the outlines of a Tentacool, a Grimer, and a Bulbasaur. She sighs, "It looks like the machine's broken again." -Luthor