From: Miki no Miko <> Subject: [PW!] The Return 2: Back to Normal? Date: Friday, October 29, 1999 12:20 PM Norma Richardson walked home from work, sighing. She'd been used to being alone for quite some time now.. But after that knock on her door, she knew her daughter wouldn't be coming home. Sure, the Pokémon were good company, but still.. She noticed a girl standing on her doorstep. "Miss? Can I hel-" She gasped when the girl turned to her. "Kat?" A whisper, almost deathly quiet. "Mother.." Her eyes brightening, no longet the dull monotone color they had been a moment ago. Norma pulled Kat close to her, wrapping her in a tight embrace. "How.. Where did you come from..?" Kat pulled away, giving her mother a strange look. "Fuscia City. Just yesterday, I was in the Pokémon Center, giving Nurse Joy an injured Chansey. funny, though, I don't remember anything between then and now.." She shrugged, finally noticing something. "My bag.. My Pokémon.. What the hell?" Norma blinked, confused. "I.. I have them.." "How? I just got here?" "Dear, I don't know what happened, or how to explain it.. Come, let's go inside and I'll make tea and at least TRY to make some sense of this." ------------- "Huh? Who on Earth told you that?" Norma sighed. "Kat, I really do not know. A man knocked on my door, handed me your backpack and Pokeballs, and told me you were dead. That's all I can tell you." Kat sweatdropped once, and then again as a flash of yellow and orange tumbled down the stairs. Norma jumped up to go untangle the two Pokémon as they hit the floor. "Sweet Goddish, will you two ever grow up?" "Pika!" "Vul, Vulpix." "Chuchu, Fireball, you guys behave!" Kat reprimanded. Chuchu ran over to her, poked her leg. "Pika?" --------- An hour later: "Bye Mom!" Kat yelled, running out the door, Chuchu on her shoulder. "Off to the PokéCenter to make sure my trainer records aren't totally screwed up, and then to the Cinnibar gym. I'm going to have to go back to Fuscia for a Soul Badge too, one of these days.. Ah well, first thing's first." TBC, gotta go get ready for the Homecoming football game. Will write more later! -- Miki no Miko I've been BIT! by an Erich Owens! And an Adrian Tymes! Oh yeah, and a Pook! too. ^_^ O.O - Sigglypuff v1.0 - O.O Siggy Siggy! <Perfect_Chaos|Team_At_L13> Faster than a speeding spitwad.....more powerful than a geek with ADD.....capable of annoying large crowds with a single's WOOBIE-MAN! UtenaCode(1.0) U:5 F:Mi+++>Ju++>:pSC D:Sp->Na-< X:[*]:a13++ M:f"rinbu-revolution" d:"When Where Who Which" MoonieCode(1.12.05) SM:5[6] F:sSa<[++]Se>[++]:vGa[+]Al>:aDi>[++]Pe[+]:pGx>[+++]S>[++] D:sCh>[---]Me<[-]:aSh[-]Ch[-]:pSS<[-]Cl<[-] X:[*]:aSSS*s[+]|ClRd[+]:m5s O:d--:s--:o?:a-:h+++:x++ P:a13:s54:w165:eBrg:hBrL:t--:cWh:*Cp:x+++H:r[+]|[+] PokéFanCode V1.0 T++/-"Clefairy"++++"Cassandra"+++"Erika"+++"The Ultimate Test"+++"The Kangaskhan Kid"--- [Fan-fiction Story of the Ice Queen]"The Pokémon US Theme Song"Sf13/Del.W++AGNP