From: TheRunt <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Sea Route to Seafoam! Date: Thursday, October 28, 1999 2:09 PM (For your convenience, a compilation repost of this thread will be posted upon its completion. A summary will be included.) The sea breeze is cool and soothing to most of the travelers. Even the clouds help the trip by hiding the blazingly relentless sun every few minutes. After almost two hours the leisurely pace of travel is interrupted by Sarah Jane's shouting. "Runt, are you okay? It looks like you're shaking." "I g-guess the w-water is b-bit c-cooler than I th-thought," he replies "If I remember right from what I read," shouts Damian from Drake's back, "the large island we’re coming up on is Seafoam. Why don't we stop there to give the Pokémon a chance to rest and Runt to warm back up?" "Sounds good," responds Jon. Within a few minutes the group has made its way to the island and get up onto an almost entirely deserted beach. The one exception is a uniformed figure who begins to make her way over from the road. The group breaks out supplies and most take the time to feed their Pokémon and themselves while Runt borrows a towel to warm up. "The summer's over," greets Officer Jenny, "tourists don't come to the beach at this time of the year. So why are you people here?" "We're on our way to Cinnabar," Purgatory quickly answers. After an abrupt pause, Felix continues, "One of our friends was swimming in the water, but it got too cold for him. We decided to take a rest here. Is there something wrong with that?" Jenny sports a disapproving look as she says "You can't swim in the water around the island here for more a few minutes at this time of year. At least not without an insulated wetsuit. Didn't you know that?" "Obviously not," Purgatory retorts coldly. "Act-ctually, my s-suit has a s-solar heater in it -- b-but th-there wasn't en-nough sun to p-power it-t," chatters Runt. Unfortunately, he says it so quietly that nobody hears him. Before Jenny can focus her attention on him, Sarah Jane draws her away with a question: "Why is the water so cold?" "The only important feature of the island beside the beaches are the caves. The water flows through the caves and by their most famous resident, the legendary bird, Articuno. Articuno is so powerful that the water almost freezes as it passes by and is still incredibly cold after making its way back out." "Hasn't anybody ever considered this a bad thing?" asks Dustin. Jenny shakes her head, "It may be bad for swimmers, but Articuno makes the caves into a haven for partial ice-type Pokémon. The caves are a favorite place for Pokémon trainers to capture those partial ice-types and are a tourist attraction even for those that are looking to capture any Pokémon. In addition, only the most unscrupulous people would try to chase Articuno off. Not only does it protect the Pokémon in the caves, but it protects us from natural disasters, too. Most people don't know it, but Articuno uses its power to kill nearby hurricanes when they might threaten the island. All things considered, I'll put up with some cold water in exchange for those benefits." There is a moment of silence, but Damian breaks it "I know I don't have any ice Pokémon. I might be able to get a good one in the caves or at least catch sight of Articuno. Does anybody else want to come along?" Drake immediately shakes his head and shivers. Damian nods in response, "With your type disadvantage, I can't blame you. What about everyone else?" "I'm in as well. Staryu is too young to know any moves so I might as well capture a water/ice Pokémon," says Julia as she gives her Staryu a drink of water. Jon nods. "I'm in. And when I come back out, if someone wants to take my place in the canoe ... then I want to give Pidgeot a workout and fly on it." "Come to think of it, I could have flown here on Dragonite," says Kirsty, "or rode Gyarados. Why didn't I think of that?" She pauses momentarily, "I'll sit this one out, My dragon Pokémon might get hurt. And I can keep this big guy company." She gestures at Drake, a Pokémon that she's wanted to play with ever since meeting Damian. "Sounds good," Runt chimes in, happy that some sunlight was finally getting through to charge his suit's heater. "Hope you don't mind keepin' Tiny company as well. He was able to resist the iciness of the water thanks to his training back home -- but I don't think there's any way he'd be able to resist a pure ice attack..." Felix checks his Pokébelt, which has one space free. "I've always wanted a Seel. They get strong moves, plus, Lance's Dragons need to be taken to with an Ice-type." The cold wasn't worrying Felix though, who had donned his everything-proof parka in transit to Seafoam. He liked cold weather, but Hellion Town got little of it. "I think I'll go along as well," says Sarah Jane. "The only backup that Nipper has is Pearl, who isn't very experienced, and won't learn Ice Beam for few levels yet." She makes some adjustments in her Pokédex, then takes one of the pokéballs out of her backpack. "Besides, this is a good chance for Medusa to get some training." She releases her Tangela from its Pokéball. "Shields, you stay here with Nipper while he rests -- Cuddles, Spunky, you too." The Mr. Mime practically groans as she hands him the leashes, as does Drake when he remembers what happened the last time he and Shields tried to watch the two Nidorans. "Niiiiiiiii..." protests Spunky. Cuddles, however willingly goes over and sits next to Nipper, while the Kingler begins to nap. "No buts," returns Sarah Jane sternly. "You haven't settled down for more than 5 minutes since we left Fuschia. Now, you're going to stay here and be good." "Niiiiii ni ni do..." Spunky complains. "That's enough Spunky," scolds Sarah Jane. As the group heads into one of the caves, Christy says to Sarah Jane "You're going to need to start training them to pokéballs." "They're still pretty young," replies Sarah Jane. "If they were in the wild, they wouldn't have left their mother yet. They're probably the youngest Nidorans to ever reach their experience levels." "While they're Nidorans, it may be all right," comments Christy, "but my Nidorina is pretty large. And to have 2 of them following along would be pretty difficult." "You're right. But according to some of the research at the University of Rosetta, they won't be physically mature enough to evolve until they're at least a year old...." Sarah Jane pauses when Pteryx squawks for attention. "It also becomes a little more difficult, because Cuddles and Spunky don't see me as a trainer. They see me as their mother, the one who replaced their own mother when she died. They've been with me since they're only about a couple of months old." "That would make it difficult," agrees Christy. "Hmm... I wonder if there'll be a lot of Pokémon in this particular cave." "One way to find out," says Jon as he leads the way. <To Be Continued...> _______________________________________________________________ "Slow and steady wins the race."