From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Sea Route to Seafoam! Date: Friday, October 29, 1999 3:41 AM In a message dated 10/29/99 5:50:41 AM, writes: >>Damian starts "Nice catch, Jooooaaaahhhff!". The problem is that he >>was walking and looked over at Jon instead of watching where he was >>going. This resulted in him missing a natural icy slope which he >>slipped on and fell down until being stopped by a small rocky >>outcropping. >> >>This event is followed shortly by Jon yelling out "Hey Damian, are you >>okay?" >> >>The young trainer replies "I think so, but Iím not sure how Iím getting >>back up there." As if in giving a response of its own, Edgy comes >>skidding to a stop in front of him. "I guess those blades would be >>useful foe digging in and climbing back up." >> >>Damianís attention is diverted after a beam strikes Kabutops in the >>chest and ice forms on it. He turns to see a Lapras and reacts with just >>as much speed as Jon had displayed only a moment before. >>"Bulletproof, thundershock!" Bolts shoot from the screws that protrude >>from the Magnemiteís body causing its water-borne opponent to react in >>pain. >> >>Noticing that the attack really isnít enough, Damian orders his >>Kabutops "Time to replenish yourself Edgy. Absorb!" As a beam of >>light flows between the two combatants, Damian grabs a pokeball from >>his backpack and throws it at the long-necked pokemon. It disappears >>in a glow of red and after some rumblings of discontent, yet another ball >>signals a successful capture. >> >>"That went better than I couldíve imagined." Damian carefully makes >>his way over to the edge of the water to retrieve his new catch and >>shouts out "How is everybody doing up there?" > >Alerted by the noise of the furious melee and the fallen Lapras, a >pack of Seel make a run from the water beside Damian. The sea-lion >Pokemon scale the slope with ease, but tire before escaping into the >mists and give enough time for Felix to draw a bearing on them. > >Rather than draw a Pokeball, Felix silently decided to do things the >hard way. His Pokemon shouldn't be made to fight a (hopefully) new >friend, the Son of Charlesson scooped up a handful of frozen soil, >compacted it into a ball and tossed it at the fleeing Seel. > >The mist enveloped his field of vision, and he saw the projectile >disappear into the thick shrouds of mist. A faint cry of "Seel!" came >from the depths of the fog, followed by a thump. The ball flew out >from the shrouded cavern and into Felix's hands, and was swiftly >returned. > >While the game of catch continued, Felix took hold of a spare Pokeball >with his free hand, expanded it with a press of his finger and covered >it with frozen soil from the ground. When the ball returned to him, >Felix put the snowball down and threw the Pokeball instead. > >From the murky depths, the snap-hiss of a Pokeball echoed through the >room, followed by a faint red glow. The light led Felix to his new >capture, he picked up the cold Pokeball and clipped it to his waist. >Just in case the rest of the pack returned, Felix's hand released a >Pokemon, Chansey, the Chansey. > >"Chansey?" The egg-Pokemon shivered, not used to the cold outside of >the Pokeball. > >"Come on, you might even see Articuno." > >As if directly cued with Felix's sentence, a loud bird-call fills the >cavern. Somehow, the Legendary Bird of Ice must have had enough time >to rescue a group of independent Pokemon and vigilantes from a >mountain west of Cerulean, recover from the attacks of a controversial >character's Magmar, and make its way back to Seafoam all to be the >centre of attention from an ever-expanding group of travellers. "Go! Vulpix!" Jon said softly. He held the younger Pokemon in his arms to attempt to warm both of them. Jolteon stood beside, amazingly not feeling any temperature change. "Hey, Damian, what'd you get down there?" Christy called. "I got a Lapras!" Damian replied. Jon smiled for the first time with memories of Lapras. "It was just slightly smaller than mine was, so it should be rather powerful for you. Or maybe more...since mine was older." The group now went down a gradual incline. At the bottom, the trail turned left and went along the river. Runt went down to the edge to wash his hands, and the others stopped to talk for a second. The blue color of the river was in stark contrast to that of the rest of the Pokemon world. Everyone minus Runt was engaged in a good conversation about Articuno lessons when they heard a splash and some muffled underwater screaming. They whirled around, to find Runt's head being sucked underwater by...something... The three boys ran over to pull him back from the edge. As Runt's face came up, all four people were suprised to see what had been taking him under- a Horsea had latched onto Runt's nose. Damian, Jon, and Felix fell over laughing. " a ....Slowpoke..." Christy spat out between giggles. Meanwhile, Runt had business to take care of. In one strong movement, he plucked off Horsea and tossed it down on the ground. "Go! Tiny!" he yelled as he prepared for battle. "Slam!" The Dragonair threw itself at the tiny water Pokemon. After one hit, the poor thing wouldn't move. Runt accordingly threw a Pokeball, and was rewarded with a new catch. "What a way to catch something..." Kirsty muttered. Regrouping, they continued on ahead. The tunnel began to curve back toward the beginning, and the trip was uneventful for about 10 more minutes. Suddenly, they turned a sharp corner and entered a large chasm, about 100 yards by 25 yards wide. On one side was an archway presumably leading from the river area they had been in; on the other was an opening a good way up the wall. The walls were a brilliant hue of icy blue. Everyone carefully advanced ahead. Halfway through, they heard a loud barking sound. "Meeh..." Felix said. Sarah Jane stopped and tuned her ears. Everyone whirled as the sound grew louder. Suddenly, there was a crashing of snow and ice as 10 Dewgong smashed into the chasm. Chansey, Jolteon, and all the Pokemon and Humans backed up. Sarah Jane remained at the head of the group as the Dewgong continued ahead. After a moment, she turned around. "Felix...they're mad about the Seel." Felix turned red. "I'm not giving it back." As they continued to approach, Sarah Jane gave up her stand and returned. Everyone took off at high speed toward the exit. "We won't make it!" Christy yelled. "They cut off the exit!" The Dewgong began to herd them back toward the wall. Ten was a lot to fight against... Up against the wall, there was no choice. Fight or die. Everyone readied two Pokeballs. Suddenly, from behind them, a brilliant shimmering blue object came out of the wall. "GYAOO!" it cried. Everyone looked in amazement. "ARTICUNO!" someone yelled. 7 Pokedexes analyzed it. "Articuno. A legendary bird Pokemon..." All in attendance watched in amazement as it spiralled over to the other side of the chasm, then back. Midway through, it launched a bright beam from its body that smashed among the Dewgong, scattering them. The sea lions all ran, save one that stood still. Articuno then flew over the group, sparkles falling over everyone. It flew back through the wall. "Whoa." Damian said, summing up the thoughts of everyone. Sarah Jane took advantage. "Pokeball! GO!" she yelled as she threw a Pokeball at the fallen Dewgong. "Nice catch." Jon commented. Organized once again, they headed for the cavern exit...and ended up in bright daylight. "What a trip!" Kirsty said. They returned to where the other Pokemon had been left relaxing. "Well..Cinnabar's right there," Runt said, pointing. "How about getting some Volcanobadges?" Everyone nodded in unison, save Felix who simply smiled. More preparation was to be done for the voyage. "Return, Jolteon and Vulpix. Go, Pidgeot!" Jon called out his flying Pokemon. 6 people then made a portage of the canoes, hefting them onto the other route. "Drake? Ready?" Damian asked. Everyone loaded back up into the canoes, or onto their Pokemon, for the short paddle to Cinnabar. They reached it in short time. TBC... -Jon, the hour-long-athon Writer -------- Sig v.1.7A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure! 'zine 773+ Posts to AGNP! Quote du jour: Sailor Moon says, "LEGGO MY FUUKU!"