From: Continue <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Sea Route to Seafoam! Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 10:31 PM TheRunt wrote: > The 10 trainers walk through the door and hop down over a ledge > onto Fuschia's beach. Amid Swimmers they walk to the water's edge. > "Water? We need transport, then. Go...Lapras!" Jon yells. > Unfortunately, he end up with a very ticked off Kabutops. > "Lapras is gone, Jon..." says Damian. > "Yeah..." replies Jon sheepishly. > "Umm, I hate to be a damper, but we have to get across here > somehow..." Kirsty reminds everyone. > "A couple of small problems with the idea of using a Lapras," > comments Sarah Jane as she adjusts her glasses. "First of all, I don't > think that 10 people and a half a dozen or so loose Pokťmon will fit > onto one Lapras. Most of us can put the Pokťmon, except the > newborns, into Pokťballs, but that still leaves 10 people and Drake, > unless Drake is about to travel in a Pokťball." > The Dragonite shake his head, agreeing with Sarah Jane. > "Yeah," says Christy. "And I don't know if there are any Lapras rental > places nearby." > "Maybe if we used all our own water Pokťmon and travel as a group," > suggests Sarah Jane. "Since Nipper evolved, he can carry 2 or 3 > people, depending on the size. What do you guys think?" > Purgatory glances at a cabin a short walk down. "We could see if > whoever lives there will give us some wood and rope. We can make a > raft, and Hermes can pull us." > "Are you sure your Starmie is up to pulling all of us? That's a pretty > big load..." Jon asks, trailing off. > Purgatory merely shrugs. "He's tough. I'm sure he can handle it. > Besides, I want to get to Cinnabar as soon as possible." > "Why?" inquires Julia. > "I have my reasons." He states simply. > "Actually," interjects Runt, "Tiny and I were planning on doin' a bit > of swimming - so that's one less person to worry about." > "But the water's pretty cold," comments Christy. >"Yah, but I'm sure it's close enough to the temperature of the water > back at the ranch - besides, if I should happen to get chilly or tired, I > can always hang onto Tiny..." "Iím guessing that nobody else really wants to go swimming all the way to Cinnabar." Damian starts off. After the other group members mutter an agreement he continues "When I was fishing off the cliffs here a few days ago, I donít see a Lapras rental nearby, so checking out the cabin like Purgatory suggested seems like the best idea." After more general grunts of agreement, the group heads off to the cabin. Although the walk would probably have taken less time if it had been across pavement rather than easily shifted beach sand, the trip is short. The group comes up to the door and Felix asks from the back of the pack "So whoís going to knock?" Drake bangs on the door several times and punctuates his communication with a contemptuous snort. A minute later the door is opened and a middle-aged man in a shirt with a floral pattern and matching shorts opens the door. "Gah! Since when did the fuzz start using Dragonites?!" "Uhm, weíre not with the police." Jon answers. "So why else would yaí practically smash my door off the hinges?" "Sorry about that. I think Drake was getting impatient." Damian puts in and the dragonite nods in agreement. "So why were you trying to get my attention?" Sarah Jane adjusts her glasses, drawing the manís attention "Weíre looking to reach Cinnabar Island, but because off the size of our group weíre having a little difficulty in figuring out how to get there. We saw your cabin and Ė" Purgatory brusquely cuts in "I had the idea of building a raft and having my Starmie tow us. Weíre going to need wood and ropes. Do you have some?" "Heh. Iíve got the rope, but youíre gonna need sealant if youíre going to build a raft from the wood I got. But I do got something else that yaí could use." The man steps outside and walks around to the leeward side of the cabin with everyone in the group in tow. He pulls at a board and half of that side of the dwelling falls down. Concealed inside can be seen a jet ski and a dozen surfboards. The man ruffles his peppered hair for a moment before snapping his fingers. He gingerly moves the surfboards aside and says "Here we go! I knew I still had those outriggers. You can borrow these if you want." The man gestures to the two canoes that he has uncovered. "Hermes would have no problem towing those." Purgatory comments. Kirsty points out "But those canoes could only hold six of us. What about the other four?" "I already said Iím swimming with Tiny, so thatís one down." Runt holds up four fingers and counts one off. "Nipper will have no problem carrying me with room for my pokemon that wonít be going in pokeballs." Sarah Janeís input is punctuated by a shout of "Rrran!" as several surfboards collapse and two young Nidorans scamper back over to her. Runt ticks off another figure as the middle-aged man rights the fallen boards. "Drake can fly me and one other person at the same time. Does anybody want to volunteer? Damian asks. Christy speaks up "I havenít been flying. It might be fun, so Iíll give it a try." Kirsty again asks a needed question "Once we get there we probably donít want to head back this way. How do we return the canoes once we get there?" Sarah Jane gives the answer "We have teleporting pokemon. It should be simple enough to return them." The middle-aged man adds to the planning "It looks like youíre all set to go then, after you help me put my stash wall back in place." Drake heads off any further tedious discussion by putting the wall back in place by himself. "Iíve gotta get me one of those." The man remarks. Several members of the group wave to the man as he heads back inside his cabin. At that point the canoes are hauled down the beach and to the waves gently breaking onto the shore. The sea breeze is cool and soothing to most of the travelers. Even the clouds help the trip by hiding the blazingly relentless sun every few minutes. After almost two hours the leisurely pace of travel is interrupted by Sarah Jane shouting out "Runt, are you okay? It looks like youíre shaking." His response is "I g-guess that the w-water is c-colder than I thought it w-would be." "If I remember right from what I read, the large island weíre coming up on is Seafoam. Why donít we stop there to give the Pokemon a chance to rest and Runt to warm back up?" Damian shouts down from Drakeís back. "Sounds good." Jon yells back a response. Within a few minutes the group has made its way to the island and get up onto an almost entirely deserted beach. The one exception is a uniformed figure who begins to make her way over from the road. The group breaks out supplies and most take the time to feed their pokemon and themselves while Runt borrows a towel and warms up. An Officer Jenny greets the group with "The summerís over. Tourists donít come to the beach at this time of the year. So why are you people here?" Purgatory is the first to answer "Weíre on our way to Cinnabar." When he pauses and doesnít seem as if heís going to say anything more Felix picks up with "One of our friends was swimming in the water, but it got too cold for him. We decided to take a rest here. Is there something wrong with that?" Jenny is sporting a disapproving look as she says "You canít swim in the water around the island here for more a few minutes at this time of year. At least not without an insulated wetsuit. Didnít you know that?" "Obviously not." Purgatory retorts Before Jenny can focus her attention on him, Sarah Jane draws her away with a question "Why is the water so cold?" "The only important feature of the island beside the beaches are the caves. The water flows through the caves and nearby their most famous resident, the Legendary Bird Articuno. Articuno is so powerful that the water almost freezes as it passes by and is still incredibly cold after making its way back out." "Hasnít anybody ever considered this a bad thing?" Dustin asks her. Jenny shakes her head. "It may be bad for swimmers, but Articuno makes the caves into a haven for partial ice-type pokemon. The caves are a favorite place for Pokemon trainers to capture those partial ice- types and are a tourist attraction even for those that are looking to capture any pokemon. In addition, only the most unscrupulous people would try to chase Articuno off. Not only does it protect the pokemon in the caves, but it protects us from natural disasters, too. Most people donít know it, but Articuno uses its power to kill nearby Hurricanes when they might threaten the island. All things considered, Iíll put up with some cold water in exchange for those benefits." There is a moment of silence, but Damian breaks it "I know I donít have any ice pokemon. I might be able to get a good one in the caves or at least catch sight of Articuno. Does anybody else want to come along?" Drake immediately shakes his head and shivers. Damian nods in response "With your type disadvantage, I canít blame you. What about everyone else?" <TBC> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately