From: Meeko + Caterpie <> Subject: Re: [PW!][LoF][PART III] The Search for the First Clue Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 7:41 AM On Wed, 20 Oct 1999 14:23:02 GMT "Meeko + Caterpie" <> wrote: > > "It's lightning. The element electricity," Kelly said proudly. > > Everyone turned to stare at the smart, young girl. "Hey, I think she's > > got it." > > "Hehehe, I learned that in school." > > "So, where's a place with a lot of lightning?" > > "Maybe they meant a place where electricity is. That would be the power > > plant outside Cerulean City right?" > > "Yeah! Let's go!" > > "Wait, you should have a quick meal before you go. You may be gone for > > a long time." > > "Uhhhhh, I thnk Meeko wanted to visit someone or something in a few > > minutes. Sorry professor, but, time waits for no one." > > "Oh, ok. Good luck Icy and the rest of you. Goddish-speed on your > > journey." > > > > And with that, our heroes are on the trail again. But first, Meeko > > needs to settle so personal business in town... Tune in next time for the > > exciting continuation of Part III of The Legend of Frosterpie. > > > Meeko walked up to a graveyard, she walked over to two graves, side by > side and knelled down, " Caterpie, Ivysore, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, > Slowpoke, this is why I was afraid to come here, you see, the day I > found you Caterpie, my parents died," tears are coming from Meeko's > eyes, after this talk it's been past 5 seconds, so Slowpoke even > understands, and carries a bunch of flowers and puts them on the graves. > Meanwhile, back at the restaurant there is a T.V. with the news on, > " Aw, who wants the news!" Nicky complains. > " Pallet is still searching for the girl that went missing after > Mewtwo tried, but failed, to destroy Pallet. If you've seen this girl, > please, call the police," a picture of Meeko appears, " Here's an > eyewitness to her running away," " She came up and asked what happened, > I told her that Mewtwo tried to destroy Pallet and only got those two > houses, when she asked what happened to the people inside, I told her > they'd died, and she ran off like the wind!" > " And here we are at the grave yard where her parents are, what?!?! > That's Meeko! Meeko! Meeko!" Meeko turns around to see a group of > people running at her, she grabs Slowpoke and runs to the restaurant, > when she finally gets there, " I'm..... > outta.......breath.....could......someone......else.....tell......them......I'" > Meeko says in between gulps of air. " Meeko slow down, we saw it on the news, they're just worried about you." Icy said. " Ok ummmmm, I'm not very good at talking to a crowd of strangers, can we just, oh, wait, that girl's one of my old school friends!" Meeko timidly steps out, " Uhhhh, I'm sorry for concerning you, I'm just a Pokémon Trainer now, please, don't worry, uh, bye!" " Wait! Meeko!" one of her old friends comes over to her and hands a PokéBall ro her, " It was found at your house." " They actually where going to let me have a Pokémon?" Meeko releases it and out comes a Meowth kitten, Meow! Meow! Meow! Meowth! Meeko picks up her new Pokémon, she thanks her friend and gives the PokéBall to Icy, " I can't use that thing, you can." the little Meowth happily purrs in Meeko's arms. -- Posted via Talkway - Exchange ideas on practically anything (tm).