From: Frosterfree <> Subject: [PW!] [LoF] [Part V] The Second Clue (Full Episode) Date: Wednesday, October 27, 1999 6:31 PM THE LEGEND OF FROSTERPIE: Part 5 of 21 ================================= THE SECOND CLUE ------------------------ While their pokémon are being healed, Static starts talking to Icy. "Icy, we think we know what the disc says." "Really, tell me what you found." "Well, we can't be sure, but we think this is the inscription. 'It covers all the land; it brings life to all things. But as good as may be, it can take this all away.'" "Hmmm." Icy goes to tell the rest of the group what the second clue is. "What covers everything?" "Land?" "No, there's water too." "Maybe water is the answer. A one point, water covered everything," Kelly said. "Hey, that's right. Very good Kelly. You're such a smart little girl." "Hehehehe, thank you." "So, where is the location?" Just then, Icy senses a high-pitched hum. "EVERYBODY OUT NOW!!!" The missile came right through the window just as the last of the people inside had gotten out. The building immediately exploded. "WOW!!! That was too close." "Drat, you missed." "He shouldn't have been able to sense that coming. You said his powers were low." "Apparently not too low. C'mon, a pokémon battle is in order. We can show them our newest pokémon." Techor looks at the shiny black and red pokéball. "Right." "It must have been Techor and Livy. But where are they?" Icy says. "Allow us to introduce ourselves," Techor and Livy say in unison. "To steal every pokémon in all the land." "And take each pokéball out from your hand." "To destroy all that is virtuous." "To be villains who are sooooo malicious." "Techor." "Livy." "Team Rocket will rule as decreed." "Give up now, or prepare to be creamed." "Huh, you change the last two lines." "So?" "That's against TR regulations." "SHUT UP!" "She's right, you'll pay for that insult little pika freak." "I'm not a freak, you did this to me!" "Huh? You kn. grrrr. Muk, Nidorino, and Kabutops go!" "What, they got new pokémon?" "You haven't seen anything yet. Venomoth, Nidorina, and Omastar go!" "Wow, they've got ancient pokémon!" "Ancient huh, attack!!!" " Ancient is right! Jigglypuff, Explosion on those oldies!" Jigglypuff glowed yellow, and a giant explosion wiped out Muk, but Jigglypuff fainted from the strong attack. " Go Magneton!" Lewis yells while Meeko is busy checking on her Jigglypuff. " Look! A Magnemite followed me; it likes me as a trainer, yea! I got a new Pokémon! I'll call him Magnet!" Meeko was so happy she hugged her new Pokémon, just to get zapped. " Uh, Meeko, we have other things to deal with...." Icy said. " Um, right, Magnet, use Thunder Shock." " Same for you Magneton!" the magnet Pokémon gathered around Venomoth, but it quickly dodged and psybeamed them! " Oh no! Raichu, Vileplume, Blastoise! It's up to you!" " Buttercup, Hocus, Cyber, Flutter, time to fight!" " Pidgeot, Alakazam, Bulbasaur, Marowak go!" the Pokémon all worked together. Buttercup was dueling with Nidorina, along with poor Flutter who was trying his hardest. Raichu and Vileplume were dealing with Nidorino. Blastoise, Marowak, and Alakazam were fighting Omastar. Hocus, Ivysore, Cyber, Pidgeot, and Bulbasaur were fighting Kabutops. " Ag! Raichu return!" Nicky's mouse like Pokémon had been poisoned! But Vileplume stunned Nidorino! " Their actually winning!" Livy tells Techor. " That's the problem." " Pikachu, get that Venomoth!" Pikachu fried Venomoth! " Good Marowak, hit the Omastar in the head with your bone and Alakazam will psybeam it!" Omastar fainted too, but their last Pokémon teamed up and made Marowak, Alakazam, Vileplume and Pikachu faint! " We were sooooooooooooooo close, but, I think it'd defiantly time to leave!" the group recalled their Pokémon and ran. " Hey, get back here!" " Let them go, we know where they're going..." Techor and Livy let the group escape and get into a chopper waiting for them outside the power plant. "Take us to each coordinates, now!" The chopper takes off. "So Icy, where is the next disc located?" "I don't know. Neptune, come out." Icy's Horsea appears. "Neptune, do you know where the water disc is located?" Icy shows the first disc to Neptune. She reads it a while then answers Icy. "What's she saying Icy?" "Neptune says that the water disc is on an island called the Ethereal Springs." "Hey, I've heard of that place. But I thought it was just a myth. Does it really exist?" "Guess so. Where do we find this island Neptune?" "Horsea, sea, horsea." "Ok. I've got the coordinates. Cyber, come out!" Icy's Porygon materializes. "Cyber, take us to these coordinates." Cyber transforms into his marine mode and the whole group boards the poryboat. "Let's go!" As the group heads off into the sunset, they can only imagine what the Ethereal Springs will have in store for them. But Techor and Livy are already on their way. And with those new ancient pokémon, will our group ever be able to overcome them? Find out next time, on The Legend of Frosterpie! -- ===============================~ Frosterfree ~====== The Caterpie Forest: -=(Hosted by Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden)=- ============================================== A.K.A. Kelly The Eevee ^_^ F.K.A. IcyPikachu o^_^o ============================================== "IcyPikachu, the coldest pikachu ever, brrrrr..." - IcyPikachu "A Butterfree is forever..., I hope..." - Frosterfree "Don't bug me with a Frosterpie! For fire types the win is easy!" - TR Kueizaaa "It's raining Meowths and Growliths out there" - Frosterpie (refering to the hurricane) "Behold the power of my 17.2 Jigglybyte hard drive!!!" - IcyPikachu "CHAAAAA... o^_^o" - IcyPikachu "IcyPikachu, do you see Pikachu?" - IcyPikachu "Now I am truly one with the Pikachu." - IcyPikachu "Pika must run. 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