From: syke6888 L <> Subject: [PW!]Time to kick Some Grass! Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 6:51 PM "Phew, I think we lost her," said Cajava. "Now, let's go get our second badge." She headed straight to the Gym and challenged Erika to a match. "Okay, Cajava, three on three. go Tangela!" "This should be easy! Go . . . huh? Fluke? Where are you? c'mere, Fluke! If you're hiding, it's not funny! Come out, now!" Erika was becoming impatient. "Well, are you going to choose a Pokémon or not?" Cajava was in a stew now. Fluff and Marshmallow decided not to fight in a Gym battle again, and the only Pokémon she had that wasn't at a disadavantage was Blob, who couldn't fight three battles. "I give up! You win!" she shouted, then grabbed her tailgaters and ran. Erika was puzzled. She looked at Gloom. "That was weird. She challenges me, then gives up without a fight." "Gloom." Outside the Gym, Cajava was sweating bullets. "Now where did I put that silly Pidgey? Wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?" A silly grin appeared on Fluff's face. "Eevee, vee vee, ee vee ee vee ee." [Frankly, my dear, I don't give a darn.] Marshmallow and Blob facefaulted. And when Blob told Cajava what those squeaks meant, she facefaulted as well. "Just what I need, a smart-aleck Eevee." Cajava decided to retrace her steps, totally forgetting the tall stranger that she had met a little while ago. TBC? (Frosterfree, please write something, I'm tired of supporting your characters by myself.) -- "Feel the Storm, It's coming"-Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury- The Motion Picture) The Three-Hit Eeveelution Combo! Flamethrower-Water Gun-Thunderbolt Sent via Before you buy.