From: Pipian <> Subject: [PW!] To Pipian, From Prof. Oak... Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 6:43 AM Pipian woke up that morning and checked his e-mail. "Ooh! Prof. Oak got back to me!" He began to read: Dear Pipian: It appears after closer inspection, to be a pokémon storage file. You must have gotten this from Bill, because he is the only person who uses this type of file besides me. It's a Porygon named Windows with no trainer now. It looks like it knows Tackle, Sharpen, Conversion, and Psybeam. If you go to Bill's Lighthouse, you should be able to pick up a Poké-Transfer Module for your computer. That should help you get it out of your computer. By the way, if you pick up the Porygon Computer Protocol Handbook, you might be able to program this Porygon. Prof. Oak "It looks like I've got to go to Bill's today," said Pipian as he began to jot down a note to inform his friends where he would be going. He left it on the table, picked up a few bucks to buy Breakfast at McDitto's, and left the Offices. After an hour or so, Pipian arrived at Bill's Lighthouse. He rang the doorbell. The door opened. "Oh! Hello! Who might you be?" asked Bill. "My name is Pipian, and I've come to ask for a few things if you've got them... Prof. Oak said you should have some of what I'm looking for." "Oh, well come on in!" "OK" Pipian walked in and took a seat. "What is it that you might be needing?" "Well, it seems that when I picked up a used computer at a store, it just happened to be one you sold, possibly." "Ah, yes, I remember selling one a few weeks ago." "It seems that there is an unowned pokémon on it." "Ooh! So you'll be needing a Poké-Transfer Module then?" "Yes, please. By the way, do you have a Porygon Computer Protocol Handbook?" "Oh, sure! You are a programmer then?" "Well, not exactly, but I do program during some of my free time." "Oh! OK." Bill scuttled off to pick up the things Pipian asked for. After a few minutes, he returned. "Here's the stuff you asked for. By the way, you look familiar. Have you been here before?" "Yes, I came with TAC, a few months ago. TAC sort of metamorphisised into the new Pokémon Detective Agency..." "Ah. You work with them, then?" "Ah, I would, but I can't for a few weeks." "Why's that?" Pipian pointed to his cast. "Oh. Hey, you don't have any idea what happened while you were here with TAC last time, do you? I don't seem to remember what happened..." "Oh... Nothing... Well, I must be off! Goodbye!" "Goodbye!" Pipian left and started back for headquarters. Pipian