From: <> Subject: Trainging of the day Date: Friday, October 01, 1999 2:58 PM Lewis overlooked the outside of Cerulean city. He had looked evreywhere for the man he was on the trail for, believing he was responsible for the Church fire. The others partied. He pulled out a pocket watch and read it. "It's time for my Pokémon's training session." he said to himself. He walked downstairs to his Pokémon's room and saw them ready for training. "Alright. Alakazam, I want you to start practicing your disable ability. Pidgeot: I need you to focus on sky attack. It would be powerfully cool if you could do that. Bulbasaur, I need you to double your efforts on learning Mega drain. Graveler, you're partially ground type. If you could find a way to learn dig, you could waste anyone. Staryu, you can recover, but it's not as well as it should be. That's where Weedle comes in. You two are gonna help each other. I'm gonna try to help Weedle fire a psybeam at Staryu. Staryu, using this, you'll help your recover ability. Let's get to work!" Lewis says to his Pokémon. John walked downstairs. "Why aren't you with the others, partying?" he asked. "I don't like parties. Besides, it's time for my Pokémon's training session." Lewis replies. John sees the little Weedle pointing its stinger at a Staryu, and focusing on something with all it's might. "What is that Weedle doing?" John asks. "I've been trying to teach Weedle psybeam." Lewis replies. "Weedles, Kakuna, and Beedrill can't learn psybeam." John replies. "I know. I'm trying to disprove that. My Weedle can fire a psybeam, but it can only partially damage Pokémon from levels 2-8." Lewis says. Lewis goes over and pets Weedle. "Don'y worry, Weedle. At least we tought you Drill sting." Lewis says. "Drill sting?" John asks. "Drill sting: a new attack I created. Weedle spins while having his stinger facing an opponent. If fast enough, it can do major damage." Lewis replies. "Well, I'll tell the others that you're alright." John says, heading for the door. "Also tell them I'm leaving for a few days." Lewis says to him. "Why?" John asks. "I'm gonna seek some bug guidance. I know two places I can get that: Clan Caterpie, which is always travelling, or Icy's Bug gym in Viridian Forest. I'm gonna try Viridan Forest." Lewis replies. TBC Sent via Before you buy.