From: J. Giblin <> Subject: [PW!]Training Time[There will be a few parts.] Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 5:40 PM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ep.16~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Well we're back in the Forest, Meowth." We'll let's get some training here." They started searching for some trainers. Finally they found one. "Hey you. Do you want to battle?" said James as he ran over to the bored person. "Finally. Someone to battle. I haven't seen anyone in like three days. Well Caterpie GO!" said James. "Ha Beedrill. Destroy this little Bug." said James. "A BEEDRILL! WOW! Can I have it?" "Dork. A CATERPIE! WOW! Can I have it?" he said sarcastically. "Just get on with it. "Beedrill Poison Sting." the match was almost done. This Caterpie was at a high level. The Beedrill secreted Poison into the little bug... For the third time. "It's ether My Beedrill is extremely weak or you Caterpie is at lv. 100!" said James but as he finished the statement the Caterpie fell. "Well that was round one. Here's round Two! Go Sandshrew.(I made a rhyme. You can TOO!)" "A Sandshrew. Ha. I have one two. Sandshrew I CHOOSE YOU!" he threw the sphere at the ground and out came the Shrew. There was one way to tell them apart. James's Sandshrew had the band-ade in it's head. "Sandshrew Slash!" said James. The other Sandshrew looked confused. J's(James's) Sandshrew knew what was happening. It's claw's extended, shined, Then they were wiped across the trainer's Sandshrew. "You haven't raised it well. If a Pokemon doesn't know It's trainer's own voice it isn't that well trained. Sandshrew follow up with Fury Swipes." the other Sandshrew was Still confused. The sandsherw started swiping. It hit 5 times in a row. "YEAH! Now I'll let you go." said James "Okay Sandshrew. go underground!" the trainers Sandshrew went under ground. "You have no chance. Sandshrew This is too easy You Go Underground TOO!" J's Sandshrew went under too. For a while no one heard anything. "Sandshrew find it and beat it." said James. A loud smack was heard then they started to feel a trembling. "Sandshrew are you okay. Come up!" said James. James's Sandshrew came up with the other sand shrew in it's mercy. "Match Point. James Wins." said James. "Fine what do I care you almost killed my sandshrew." The trainer was mad. "My Sandshrew wouldn't kill a fly." said James as he walked off into the forest. -- Team Rocket Blast off at the Speed of light Surrender Now or prepare to fight. Meowth! -Jessie & James of Team Rocket Hello? ::No one cares:: Hmph. I'm sad now -