From: Jose L. Solano <jsolano199@aol.comlink> Subject: [PW!] Travelling' the Cave Date: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 6:33 PM Finally, the branch Trent found in the river had dried. He picked up two rocks and began to quickly scrape them against each other. "C'mon, I know this works, I tried it before..." he said to himself. Finally, he produced a spark...which fell into the river. "DAMMIT!!!" he yelled. The loud echo startled him. He started scraping the rocks again. He managed to creat a few sparks, but that was enough. Trent dipped the broad end into the river, to keep the fire from reaching his hand. As he looked into, the river, he saw his smiley-face paper bag again. It seemed familiar, but where had he seen it? "Simon!" he thought, remembering a past target. Simon Locke was one of the few targets to ever escaped, and even causes Trent serious injuries. He remembered how badly the Sandslash' quills hurt his shoulder and shin. "This could only mean one thing..." he thought. "Simon's dead. He probably died recently...maybe he went to heaven?" Heaven. The opposite of Hell. Hell. Akumachu. "Wait! I'm supposed to cause chaos!" he remembered. He held the burning branch up and walked down the tunnel... TBC (Simon, feel free to run into him any moment) Jose Luis Solano --------------------------------------- Offical Member of the AFSH Stupid Brigade --------------------------------------- "Graaaaaaaaaah!!" -Ratts Tyerell