From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] We Have Fallen Off the Map! Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 4:34 PM Marvin holds a large unfolded map in font of his face. He turns it to the left, then to the right, then upside down. The magician continues to move the map around, reading the names on it, "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" "Whos thass, Marvy-man?" A teenage girl with the large green eyes asks while peering over Marvin's shoulder. Marvin, who is sitting on his green bean bag chair, drops the map onto his lap, "What I meant to ask was where in the world is Maiden's Peak. I don't see it anywhere on this map, and since we took a ship here, I'm completely clue less!" "That is nothing new." Xerox gets tired of being a Growlithe and ditches the disguise, proudly showing her purple Ditto self, "Maiden's Peak is said to be near Saffron City, yet it has a seaport. What is your new destination, master?" Marvin pushes his finger onto a site on the map on his lap, only to squirm from poking himself in a very sensitive area. Famifax giggles at this, "I no wanna go *there*, Marvy, noway! Weo juss friends, afto all!" Xerox suspiciously stares up at Famifax for a moment, a sweatdrop near her eyes. Mimic the Pidgey flies up to Marvin and perches on the magician's shoulder, which is very stiff thanks to Marvin's red tuxedo's fake shoulders, "Where Marvin point that Famifax not want go?" After a brief pained moaning period, Marvin manages to say, "Fuschia... City..." Mimic tilts his head towards Famifax, who is pretending to be a teenage girl, "Why Famifax no want go there?" "Nevomind." Famifax bats her eyelashes ever so innocently, places her hands behind her back, and whistles casually... "I don't know why Famifax doesn't wanna go..." Marvin casts a quick glance to her, before turning his face to meet eyes with a Pidgey, "But I *do* know why I wanna go! I tend to follow the same routes that Pokemon Trainers do, so that I can meet the most amount of people. I've already been to Saffron City, Celadon City, and Vermilion City, so the next logical step is Fuschia City! I don't visit Lavender Town since most trainers skip that dreary place, anyway..." Xerox remembers something from Marvin's past and asks, "Are you certain that *that* is the reason, master?" "Of course!" Marvin answers quickly, showing no doubt in his response, "I ain't afraid of no ghost..." Marvin begins to whistle a theme song from a television program. "When there's somethin' strange... and it don't look good..." Since this doesn't incite a response from any of the people in the caravan, Marvin explains, "I didn't freak out last night, did I?" "Point made." Mimic nods, then goes back to the original subject, "If Marvin not know where here is, how Marvin go to Fuschia? Mimic no remember how Mimic get here from Lavender. Mimic sorry. Will join and help find if Marvin want." Marvin places one hand behind his back, and lets Mimic perch on a finger on his free hand, "About that, Mimic... Our time together has been fun, but I don't want to keep you as if you were my Pokemon. You should be taking care of your real trainers. They must be worried about you! I know I'd be worried if Xerox or Famifax ever left *me* alone." "Real trainer?" Mimic shakes his head, "Marvin confused. Mimic no have trainer." "You don't?" Marvin scratches the back of his head, "I remember this one guy wih long blue hair and this girl with black and purple hair from that time we met back in Cerulean City. I didn't know you were a Ditto back then, but when I found out that you were, I just made the natural connection that they are your trainers. Whoever they are, they seem nice." "NICE?!" Famifax screeches at the top of her lungs, "Thass girlie went totally crazy on me for makin a stupid Zubatie stop with its totally loud noise EeEeEeeeEeeeEeee! I hates thas!!! Girlie shoulda thanks me, but she *hurtz* ME!" "Aerie..." Mimic reminisces, remembering that he hasn't seen his son's girlfriend or even his son ever since he caused the destruction of a small part of the population visiting Maiden's Peak, "Mimic wonder what Seth and Aerie think happen to Mimic." The Pidgey flies off of Marvin's finger and lands next to Xerox, "Xerox no mind if Mimic leave?" Xerox pauses to recall the sheer joy Mimic helped her experience last night, "It would be beneficial for you to stay with us, Mimic. However, I believe that I am only concerned about *my* personal happiness when I say that. In the greater scheme of things, I am sure that you should either go protect your friends, those two that I met in Cerulean City, or head to Mount Moon to see what... Replicus... is interested in. Perhaps both, but remaining here will not solve anything. My master, my sister, and myself all live a quiet, peaceful life since we have no real power, but you are blessed with a gift..." Mimic shudders when he remembers the massacre at Maiden's Peak that he caused all by himself, "More like curse." Marvin, who hasn't been paying much attention to what's been going on after Famifax interrupted his train of thought, calls out, "Ahhh ha!" He points to the map with so much force that he rips a large hole in it, "I now know where Maiden's Peak is on the map, thus know how to get to Fuschia City from here! It looks like we won't need your help to navigate towards Fuschia, after all, Mimic. The decision whether to stay here in our cramped caravan or leave is all up to you." -Marvin