From: The great cybraptor <raptordx1@aol.comspamnot> Subject: [PW!]what has happened? Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 3:59 PM As Repticus steeped into another tunnel in seafoam caves,he began to see daylight. As he stepped out of the cave, he could not believe what he saw. gone was the tropical jungle paradise he once knew. Now it was a rocky deserted cold wasteland."What has happened?" he said."Where is my family? How long have I been asleep? and what are those creatures walking by the beach?" Two people were walking by the beach, talking about ledgends of dinosaurs in the caves, Repticus watched them closely.Suddenly, he jumped out of the cave, still wearing his black cloak."Hey! who are you?" , one human said.Then Repticus took off his cloak." Where am I? , How long have I been asleep?", he said." About 65 million years! Run! A talking Raptor!", the humans said as they ran off."Raptor?" Repticus said."Is that what I am called in this time?I like my own name better." Repticus walked off along the beach , wondering what other surprises he might find. ,The Great Cybraptor "we are yeerks! not used car salesmen! we do not negotiate!" viser 3, from the animorphs TV show.