From: J. Giblin <> Subject: [PW!]Who Hate Team Rocket?(Attn:lewis8661) Date: Saturday, October 23, 1999 6:40 AM Last Time-- Ernest merely escaped the rocket building. ````````````````````````Ep. 3 Who Hates Team Rocket``````````````````````````` A dark figure and a Kadabra reappeared in front of a tall building. "Were are we?" The Kadabra gave him a look that said "Far Away." he walked in the building. There was a desk with no one behind it and a bell on top. He rang the bell. "Hello?" There was no answer. "Upstairs." Now his powers where almost healed. "Hello." he said to the person infront of him. "Where am I?" he asked not looking at the guy. "Team Nebula HQ. We all here hate Team Rocket." said the person in a suit and tie. "All of us?" he asked in a sarcastic way. "Fine your the first one who has come here. " said the guy. "What is your name." said Ernest. "My name is Estro. Yours?" said Estro "I doesn't matter I will leave in the next 10 minutes." "I ASKED YOU YOUR NAME NOW TELL ME YOUR NAME OR ELSE!!!" "You don't scare me. Anyway, I it means that much, my name is Ernest." said an annoyed Ernest. "Do you hate Team Rocket?" said Estro "Hate is an extreme word. But if you put it that way yes." said Ernest. TBC...(Lewis Finish this up.) -- Team Rocket Blast off at the Speed of light Surrender Now or prepare to fight. Meowth! -Jessie & James of Team Rocket -- Hello? ::No one cares:: Hmph. I'm sad now -