From: Zagro <> Subject: [PW!] Zagro reflects upon doing nothing Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999 9:04 AM Zagro walked along the path around Mt. Moon, to Cerulean City. Goddish walked next to him. Hours passed... Goddish looked upon Zagro. "We've been on this trail for weeks IRL. Don't we have anything to do?" Zagro sighed. "Nah, my writer's just trying to put off writing the battle against Misty. It's too serious for him." "Well, isn't there ANYTHING to do on the way there?" Zagro thought about it. "I see your point, this is boring. Nobody's tried to kill me or otherwise drive me insane for..." he pauses to think, "28 days, when Newb E. tried to convince me Pikablue existed! I'm summoning my writer right away!" Zagro drew a pentagram in the dirt below him and chanted ancient phrases, including "Schwa" and "Fiesta". There was a blinding flash of light, and Zagro appeared in the pentagram. He glanced at Zagro and rolled his eyes. "You look even dumber in reality!" "Gee, thanks. So what's up with the tedium?" Zagro nodded. "I kinda figured you called me for this." He pulled out a notepad. "First I had you planned to meet a Pokevore, but I couldn't put an ending on the story." "Pokevore?" "Yeah, an Eater of Pokemon. 'Gotta eat 'em all', and all that. He's eaten 139 already..." "That's sick. What's else haven't I done?" Zagro flipped the page. "Started a tournament, single-elimination. Opponents including Shorts Kid and Newb E., and just about everyone else you've met." "Hey, that's not a bad idea, what happened to it?" "I couldn't think up a suitable prize. Plus it's not the most original ideas." He flipped to the next page, scanned over it, then grinned. "Can't tell you this one, I might still use it. I have to check the FAQ, though, to make sure it's legal." Zagro stepped back. "Ummm... is that bad?" Zagro just grinned. "It depends... I doubt there's a rule stating I can't..." "Will it hurt?" "Hmm, Goddish might be displeased... you aren't affected PERMANENTLY... it's okay after the inital shock..." Goddish and Zagro gulped, and Zagro chuckled. "Anyway, next page... hmm, that's it for my current ideas. That, and my idea for a new WG. But that doesn't concern you." "Great. Oh, and what about that party in Fuschia? Shouldn't I be rushing my butt down there?" "No, it's halfway across the planet, it's completely out of your way, and it forces me to Interact. Interaction means consistent writing (usually). Anyway, I'm off for now. Enjoy the peace, it's better than fighting psycho Clefairys with pistols." Zagro then dissolved into thin air. Zagro sighed and resumed walking towards Cerulean.