From: RobfromVoid <> Subject: Re: [PW!] A (Typical) Dojo Wedding... Date: Saturday, November 27, 1999 1:33 AM LordLocke wrote: > Samantha continued as she ran. "Gads?" > > "Yeah?" Gads was floating as quickly as he could to save time and pain. > > "Remind be to tell you exactly HOW stupid I think you are when this is all > over." Despite her words, Samantha was almost grinning. > > "Deal." While Gads and Samantha try to figure out a way to stop the huge brawl that makes the Dojo seem like a Saloon, Mithril-rama is playing the damsel in distress role, a role she hardly ever plays, by hiding behind Robert for protection, "I'm scared, Rilli! Do something! I feel helpless! I can't throw any punches in your body! I might break your nails..." Robert turns around and places his hands on Rilli's shoulders, "Calm down, Robert. We can both use each other's Pokemon to try to stop all this fighting..." Robert looks at his belt, "Now, which one of these Pokeballs is Golduck's?" "Golduck?!" Mithril-rama bites her lip, wondering if testosterone is clouding Rilli's mind, "That clumsy duck? Why?!" Robert shrugs, "I like Pokemon that trainers overlook, and I've never even seen a Golduck on TV! Now *that's* an ignored Pokemon. Which is her Pokeball?" When Rilli taps the sixth Pokeball on Robert's belt, Robert grabs the Pokeball and drops it on the floor. Red light escapes from the Pokeball and it forms into a very shapely blue Golduck! The Golduck strikes a post with her hands in front of her face, and the crimson ruby on her forehead sparkles, "Golduck, Gold!" Mithril-rama snaps open her purse and looks inside. She rummages past Rilli's clothing, accessories, nail polish, the Pokepedia, some leftover food, some art supplies, and finally finds nested Pokeballs! Of the six Pokeballs there, she only recognizes one - a golden one with an emerald for a button, "It's the Pokeball I gave her after winning my Cascade Badge... the one she put Electabuzz in... Hey! I just got an idea!" Mithril-rama pulls out Electabuzz's Pokeball and tosses it, "Electabuzz, go!" The yellow oaf that emerges bangs on his chest a few times, "Ebrublearbleab!" After getting that out of his system, he faces Rilli. He notices that there is something strange, "Blearb?" Electabuzz runs up to Rilli and sniffs her, to check if that really is his trainer, and when the scent is verified as belonging to Rilli, he starts swinging his arms around again, "Brublearblab!!!" Mithril-rama runs over to Robert, who has been ordering Golduck to use her Confusion attack on the fake Saffron Psychics (including poor Oz). Rilli stands on her tip-toes and whispers in Robert's ear, "Hear that helicopter, Rilli? I think we can get it to go away! If you tell Golduck to use her Surf attack towards the broken ceiling and I tell Electabuzz to Thundershock the Surf attack, then the electricity will find its way to the helicopter and it'll have to leave! Should we do it?" Robert thinks about it, "Well, it's *crazy* enough to work! But what if the water hits the helicopter and it falls on all of us?" Mithril-rama shakes her head, "That's not going to happen! We're talking about Golduck! When has she ever hit her target?!" Robert glances at the blue feminine duck who is trying to use Confusion a broken chair, "Good point. Golduck!" Hearing Robert's voice, Golduck spins around and trips on her own two left webbed feet, sending her crashing onto the floor. Robert sweatdrops before saying, "Golduck, stand up and use Surf to hit the roof!" He points at the ceiling where debris coming from the first explosion caused by Doppler's troops had made a hole. Golduck struggles to get up, and once standing, she initiates her Surf attack, which has mysterious side effects. It starts raining inside the Dojo, sprinkling everyone with a light drizzle! Mithril-rama looks towards Electabuzz, to see him Thunderpunching both Psychic and Fighting Pokemon alike. She lets out a low shriek and starts running over there to stop him. Since the purple dress she is wearing goes all the way down below her knees and since the floor is wet thanks to the first part of Golduck's Surf attack, Rilli trips and falls on her face! Robert hears it when his previous body hits the floor, and he turns to Rilli. He shakes his head, "And you call Golduck clumsy... Robert! Do you want my body to wake up covered in bruises tomorrow? Be a little more careful!" Rilli tries to stand up, but finds it difficult to do so in a dress. She shouts at the top of her lungs, "ELECTABUZZ! Use Thundershock on Golduck's Surf attack!" When Rilli says this, Golduck opens up her gray beak and spits a huge stream of water towards the hole in the ceiling! Thanks to his high speed, Electabuzz is able to work quickly! He dashes over to the geyser shooting out of Golduck's mouth and Thundershocks it! The Surf attack carries the Thundershock through the roof! In the Helicopter above the Dojo... Upon noticing the sparks outside, the Resistance member in the Helicopter turns on his communicator. He radios Cinder, the leader of the attack, "Uhhh, Cinder, they're trying to down the Chopper! I think we should get out of here... Over..." Back inside the Dojo... Golduck and Electabuzz stare at each other for a moment, then shake hands. Golduck quacks, "Golduck, gol!" Electabuzz babbles, "Blerablublearb!" Robert smiles, "Look, Robert, they're becoming friends, just like Victreebel and Vileplume... Robert?" Robert turns around to see Rilli sprawled on the floor, squirming around in an attempt to stand. He walks up to Rilli and puts his hands on her waist. In one heave, he lifts Rilli off the floor! Robert grins, "I could get used to this kind of strength!" "Hey, don't get too comfortable in my body!" Mithril-rama wags her finger, "I know that I'm not getting comfortable in yours..." She starts to rub her aching rear end, but Robert stops her before she can get too friendly with his former body. Rilli sighs... At that moment, Andrew O'Reilly runs up to Rilli and Robert. Two older individuals and seven well dressed kids are following him, ducking so that they don't get hit in the crossfire. Andrew shouts in a frantic panic, "I'm trying to get all the innocent people out of this free-for-all that was once a Wedding! My parents, the Shorts Kids, the Pokemon... Can you two help me out here?" Mithril-rama nods and motions towards Electabuzz and Golduck, "We and our Pokemon can help you! Just lead the way..." -The character formerly known as Robert