From: Susan the Jedi Hamster <dragon0313@aol.commies> Subject: [PW!] A new enemy [ATTN: Anyone on Cinnabar] Date: Friday, November 12, 1999 6:06 PM "Ponyta ta pony ta ta!" (We're finally off!) Mandy grinned, and put Amaranth into the makeshift pouch she'd sewn to hang on Ember. Ember had promised not to flame her. She swung her new bottomless backpack over her shoulders and carefully mounted Ember, trying not to disturb Amaranth's pouch. "Goodbye! Good luck!" shouted Mandy's parents and the farm owners she'd worked for. They'd given her an nice parting bonus and her new backpack. Mandy waited until they'd gotten about half a mile away before asking Ember to stop. She dismounted and took Amaranth down. "Ember, would you be happier if I took that saddle off you?" "Ta ta." (You bet.) "Good." With that Mandy slapped an item ball against the heavy saddle and blankets. They disapeared and she put the ball in her pack. "I've wanted to do that for a long time. I never liked saddles. For that matter, you don't need reigns or a bit and bridle either." She took those off. "Nobody move," a voice from the bushes proclaimed. The bushes rustled a bit, and a tall boy stood up, getting leaves in his hair. Mandy giggled. The boy was wearing a rocket uniform, but looked extremely incompetant. "What are you laughing at? It's my first job!" his voice rising a bit. "Is that your motto?" "No. I'm just about to get to that," he cleared his throat, them started with a singsong voice, "I'm gonna take your Pokemon, nya nya nya nya nya." "Some motto." "It's my first job, give me a break. Lapras, go!" he grinned a bit, "This Lapras is level 20. Your puny oddish can't take it." "That...could be a problem. If she's so puny why do you want her?" Ember whinied a bit and protecively stood over the little oddish. "Commision. A lady wants a showpiece pokemon. I want that Ponyta too. Lapras, ice beam!" Lapras let loose a squirt of freezing water, not at Amaranth or Ember but at Mandy. It hit and Mandy quite literally froze. "Now no one can stop me. Lapras, " and he had no time to finish because Ember set a firespin wall about ten feet high around the rocket and his Lapras. Ember then set a carefully smaller fire spin around Mandy like a hula-hoop and Amaranth drew away the runnoff. "Quick, lets go,"said Mandy as she thawed. They galloped off to the Pokemon center. As they rode, Mandy asked "I didn't know you could do that. You must be a higher level than I thought." "Poonytaa Nita." (Nope. Sheer adreneline rush. Almost as good as an X-Attack) "Well, thanks. Hey, look! The center." Mandy dismounted and walked in, Ember close behind. "Hello. Welcome to the Pokemon center. We heal your pokemon to perfect health," Nurse Joy said. "Hi. I was wondering if you would let me post a message on the wall." Mandy pulled a little paper from her pack." "Hmmm. Ride to mainland needed, preferably by air to Pewter City. By sea to Pallet is fine, too. Contact Mandy." Nurse Joy looked up. "Seems fine." Mandy pulled out some sticky tack and stuck the sign to the wall. "Thanks. Can I bunk here tonight?" "Sure."She led Mandy to a large room with bunkbeds lining every square bit of wall and a good deal of floor. Some of the bunks had tired trainers in them already. "You may want to put that Ponyta in a pokeball." Ember did something a normal horse could never do, curling up on a lower bunk. Amaranth plunked down next to her. Mandy climbed to the top bunk and took a book out of her pack to read while waiting for someone to respond. -Susan the Jedi Hamster Official WDTSF Spontaneous Vocalization Specialist; Director of Unexpected Screaming. Contact me where I actually read the mail,