From: Rain Dance <> Subject: Re: [PW!] A Way Out Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 6:53 PM While Ri and Billy were inbound for Pewter City, Keyan was looking for something to do... Keyan let out a deep and depressed sigh. He had spent the last two nigts out in the woods trying to figure out EXACTLY how he lost. Every time he thought about, his head hurt a little more. How could Flash possibly lose to a puny little Meowth? How could Sparks not even touch a Magmar? The thing should have been an inferno! He gritted his teeth, knowing that answer was out here...somewhere. Knowing that it was futile to continue to contemplate the issue, he let Flash out for a breathe of freah air. He had taken a beating that he wasn't accustomed to, and now he was finally back up to shape. It was time for them to be moving on anyway. They had hung around the Pewter City area for months, and they needed fresh stomping grounds. Keyan grabbed his pack which had been resting up against a near by tree, and picked up his helmet which he had strung from a limb that had been hanging above him. Removing the guidance harnass from his bag, and strapping it Flash, he was finally ready to leave the area. Flash was a little less than enthused at having wear the bulk guidance harnass, but he knew that it was Keyan's safety. So, swalling his pride, he submitted to having it put on. Now, with Flash ready to fly, Keyan hopped on its back, and with a flap of his mighty wings, they were off. It took them a few minutes to get up to cruising speed, but they were up to normal velocity soon enough. As the duo was cruising, something caught Keyan's attention. A vapor trail and a shimmering ball...a large civilian transport. "So Flash, wanna have a little fun with them?" He his Fearow. Flash cawed out his response, and Keyan gave Flash a kick as they zoomed towards the massive plane. Within a minute they had outrun it, and had come to bear with it. Flash was ready to play a little chicken. He maneuvered into position, and then with a mighty flap of its wings, roared toward the plane. The two speeding targets zoomed towards each other. Finally, with now more than fifteen feet before they collided Flash pulled hard to the rught. The bird and its pilot zoomed over the plane's hull, and soon left in behind. Flash not being finished, bucked to the left and came racing after that plane. Within seconds he had caught it, and was flying next to it, right at window level. Keyan knew that this was his cue. Firing up his radio he set it for a broad frequancy, that should be able to disrupt their comm system enogh so he could get a message in to the passangers. Going to it, he flipped his microphone on..."Pidgeot Airlines Flight 558 this is your daily call from Maverick Airways. If there's a way to scare air travelers, we'll do it! Your pilot on today's buzzing has been the Lone Flyer, and like all of our flyers, he will not give you personal data, except his calling card. You may reach him at the Pewter City Hilton by paging a Mr. Seamore Butts. Well, you will be landing soon so we hope you've enjoyed you buzzing by Maverick Airways, and we're buggin!" On its feet like always Flash flapped its majestic wings and roared skyward...and then, right as it appeared that he disappeared into the sun's shadow above, Flash pointed its nose down rocketed earthward, giving the members on the plane one last chance to see who or what had buzzed... -- -Rain Dance Deck Mechanic, CJ's Hanger Bay,, under Deck Garage Webmaster of the Ash and Misty Archive, Sent via Before you buy.