From: LuNaTiC Raven <aznxlucid@aol.comejoinATR> Subject: [PW!]And then.... there was Seven Date: Saturday, November 06, 1999 4:04 PM It was a very sunny day at Saber's house in Fuschia. Saber was in apron delivering pancakes to everyone. Raven noticed something wrong......Someone was missing. Saber was there trying to increase the peace and stop the breakfast masscre. Fox and Gohan were flinging pancakes at each other. But due to their horrible aim via hangovers. Pancakes were flying everywhere. At the ceiling. At the Floor. At people's faces. Lets just say Saber wasn't pleased at this. Dai was asleep and his head was on the table. Pancakes covered Dai but he didn't seem to be annoyed with it. Drew was calmy eating his pancakes. Being the quiet one he wasn't hit by any pancakes. James still haven't woke up..A "UURGHARHGHGHH!!!!!!IMALIVE!!!!!!" proved otherwise. Everybody stopped for silence at James's awakenment. Dai woke up. Fox and Gohan stopped throwing pancakes. Raven stopped wondering. Drew stopped eating. "............" Saber spoke for them all sort of. ______ Anyhoo.... A pancake dropped from the ceiling in slow motion. Saber looked up and a surprised look invaded his face. Saber still managed a classic "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" The pancake hit Saber's face with a sickening thud. "ARGH!!!!!" The pancake splashed all over Saber's face. Saber dropped to his knees and fell down with another sickening thud. Seeing this everybody returned to their actions. Dai fell down at the table asleep again. Fox and Gohan continue to throw pancakes all over the place. Drew continued eating and Raven continued wondering. Saber got up slowly and try to clean himself up. "YOU BASTARDs ILL BREAK YOUR FOOT AND YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!!! MY HOUSE!!!!!! SABER'S HOUSE!!!!!NOT RAVEN's HOUSE!!! NOT JAMES's HOUSE!!! NOT YODA'S HOUSE!! MY HOUSE!!" "Ba Dum Dum" Fox and Gohan turned their pancake throwing to a new target, Saber. Saber was overwhelmed by pancakes and fell down once again. ___ Raven looked at the flying pancakes and finally remembered. MARIA!!! WHERE DID SHE GO??? Raven rushed to James's room. "MARIA's GONE!!!" Raven yelled. "WHAT? WHERE" James asked. "I don't know shes not here. She must have left." Raven answered. "Let her. we have to get to Old Man Andrew's." James said. "Right. Lets get the other guys and leave Saber's house. I think we did enough damage" Raven laughed. Raven and James opened the door to the kitchen to found ....... Dai, Drew, Gohan, Fox, and Saber doing the IHOP/strawberrysyrup/pecansyrup/oldfashionedsyrup/blueberrysyrup commerical with each other. Raven and James closed the door in disgust and after 5 minutes they opened the door again to find. Old Batman music playing and Saber is fighting Fox, Gohan, and Dai. "I TOLD YOU BLUEBERRY IS BETTER!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" <<POW>>!!! <<SLAM>>!!! <<CRASH>>!!! <BOING>>!!! <<AGFLHLWOE>>!! "<<AGFLHLWOE>>!!?????" James asked Raven. "Yes...<<AGFLHLWOE>>!!...." Raven nodded. Saber had pulled out his pen and was wrecking up his opponents but 3 people throwing pancakes at one person was just too much for even Saber. Saber fell down in defeat. Meanwhile Drew was eating his pancakes the whole time without a mess. "HEH CLEAN YOURSELF UP!!!!!!!!!!!!" Raven and James screamed. "WE HAVE TO GET GOING. HELP SABER UP. CLEAN YOURSELF UP" Raven and James continued to yell. ___ All the ATRs were in the ATR copter heading for Old Man Andrew's. The ATRs were sad to leave Fuschia where they lived for one month. Raven felt looked at the rest of his companions. 8 ATRs entered Fuschia. Sirius left.James left and came back Maria came and last night she left........ And then there was 7... TBC....... _________ MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA A Frenzy of Ravens Bumrushing an Lunatic Azn in a Lucid Dream.