From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to Saffron Date: Tuesday, November 16, 1999 12:10 AM Maria Rocket wrote: > Aerie's eyes narrowed. "Can Mimic use the box?" > > "...His father can use the box. I can only give the box to him." > > Aerie turned and looked at Seth. "I think we have a winner." > > "Sheesh....I never knew..." Seth pulled his shades back on. "But now we have > to find Mimic? This is gonna be like finding a needle in a haystack..." > > "Uh oh.... That may be the least of our problems..." > > Back on the ground, Maria was finally waking out of the subconscious state > Sabrina had kept her in. She blinked and focused. "W-where am I? How did I > get here?" Hearing Seth and Aerie talking, she whipped her face towards them > defensively. "Who's there!?" She couldn't make out anything between the > shadow of the gym and the sun in her face. > > Deciding it would be best to run now and ask later, she scooped up Slasher the > Meowth and made a dash for it. "You'll never take me!" > > Seth sighed and and smiled sheepishly at Aerie. "So now what?" "Option one: we let Maria go, search for Mimic, find Mimic, search for Maria, find Maria, and hope reality doesn't fall apart in the mean time like Meowth's first attempt at knitting a scarf." Despite himself, Seth snickered at the memory. Feline instincts had, in the end, won out as Meowth and Slasher played with the half-finished product. Then he wondered which of his parents told Aerie that story - Seth knew he had not - but he never got a chance to ask the question. "Option two: one of us stays on Maria's tail while the other one looks for Mimic, and we home in on each other once we've both got our objectives. Option three: we give up and party like there's no tomorrow, because there's a good chance tomorrow might not exist." "Just on a hunch, I'd say you'd prefer number two." Aerie stroked his chin and grinned. "You know me too well." "So, who goes where?" "It only takes one to follow Maria. You and Slasher work better together than Slasher and I do, and whoever looks for Mimic will need all the help they can get." She pecked his cheek. "Good luck." A few seconds later, only the sillhouette of a Spearow in the distance indicated Aerie's pursuit of her quarry. Seth sighed. "Well, Slash, now what? Where do we start looking for-" "...blablaMimicblabla..." Hybrid and persian blinked as one, and looked at a nearby monitor that appeared to be displaying a local news broadcast, though at first glance the images suggested a late night horror flick. "Experts are still debating exactly what happened, but as you can see from the footage, it looks like some kind of psychic healing following the giant Nidoking's defeat. Few of the participants have been identified, but Professor Oak's analysis of these scenes leaves no doubt that these two dittos are Doppler and Mimic. Cerulean City authorities are now looking to question the pair, although they expect little chance of finding them." "Great," Seth sighed. "Dad, what *have* you gotten yourself into? He'll be hiding..." "Sian." "You're right; that *was* awfully convenient..." Seth shrugged. "Chalk it up to luck, Slash. For our own sake." With that, he set off to the north. Inside the gym, Sabrina smiled. That boy had at least some common sense. Friends in the media, if used just right, could be far superior than raw psychic power for some uses.