From: The great cybraptor <raptordx1@aol.comspamnot> Subject: [PW!]basic training Date: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 6:07 PM "So, let me get this straight, you made a device out of a simple surf HM, that can make pokemon talk?", said Araya, who was confused with many things about her new companion. "Well yes, that is why all my pokemon can talk, I would be more then happy to make your pokemon talk as well.", said Repticus, still feeling uncomfortable in his new human body, because human feet were not as thick as raptor feet, and they hurt from walking on rocks and dirt. "No thanks, I like them the way they are."Both of them were exhausted from thier close call with Mewtwo in Mt. Moon, and since it was almost night, Araya was very tired.However, since raptrs have different sleep patterns then humans did, It was midday for Repticus, his raptor instincts going against what his human body told him. then, after a few hours, they got to Cerulean city at around 10:00. "Let`s try to find a pokemon center to spend the night.Then tommorrow, lets go to Cerulean gym.", said Araya, who just spotted a pokemon center, and went inside."Um, excuse me, can we stay here for the night please?",said Araya to nurse joy. ''Sure, just follow me."aid Nurse Joy as she led them to two seperate rooms, one for the girls and one for the boys."Here, you two go in these rooms.'', said Nurse joy. Then, Araya went into one rooms and Repticus went into the other.Since this was the time of day Repticus was most active, he decided to go outside.He snuck outside, and walked along the busy streets of Cerulean. Then, he came to a dark alley, and ran into a gang of shorts kids. ''Hey, what do you think you are doing here!This place is for shorts kids only!Hey, wait a minute, you have shorts too, well in that case I`ll just challenge you to a pokemon battle with each of us, if you win we`ll give you this.", the head shorts kid opened a suitcase loaded with pokebucks. Repticus was confident in his abilities and said,"Ok, I will battle all 4 of you, but the rules are 1 on 1 for each." "Deal, let`s battle! Sandslash go!" "electabuzz go!" ''Raticate I choose you!" "Its your turn spearow!", said the four shorts kids.Repticus thought for a minute, and decided to send out Plesius. "Ok, Plesius, its your turn to battle.", said Repticus as he realesed the pokeball. "Ha! This is what I`m up against!? Oh please.", said Plesius. "Plesius, Ice Beam.", said Repticus. "ok, fine but that`s what I was going to use anyway.", said Plesius.Then, he sprayed a beam of supercooled water at the pokemon, and Electabuzz and Spearow were frozen in ice. "Ugh, we can`t battle if our pokemon are frozen, but we still have 2 left. "Ok, Sandslash , slash!" "Raticate, bite!" ,said the shorts kids. Then the two pokemon were about to connect with their attacks, until Plesius turned around quickly, and both of their attacks hit his armored back, and the raticate`s teeth nearly broke, and so did Sandslashes claws. "Repticus, you don`t have to tell me, I`ll use the surf attack.", said Plesius. Then a huge wave of water came from mouth and totally fainted the two pokemon. "Ok, fine you won, but you won`t get the money!", said the lead shorts kid. "Well, if you won`t give it to me, then I`ll just have to take what you promised me.", said Repticus.Then , using his raptor agility, recalled Plesius his pokeball, and then jumped onto a fire escape, jumped down, grabbed the suitcase, and jumped back. Then he ran around the corner to safety when he saw the shorts kids had passed. Then , he though he needed some nes, since these clothes got him into trouble, which was happeneing a lot lately.He soon found a clothing store, and saw many clothes, but the ones he liked best were a pair of baggy blue jeans, and a dark blue t-shirt. "Here is the amount said on these items in monetary units.", said Repticus as he gave some money to the shopkeeper.Then, Repticus was hungry, so he went to a resturaunt.He was not quite sure how it worked, but he soon figured it out that he had to tell the person what he wanted. Although he was confused when the waiter kept asking him what kind when he said he wanted meat.He ate 3 full plates of steak, and paid the waiter the correct amount of money that was mentioned on the piece of paper. Then , he was tired, so he went back to the pokemon center, and ignoring the bed, becaue did not know what it was used for, he got on the floor and went to sleep. TBC... ,The Great Cybraptor who wonders when G/S come out , how many people will nickname their Marril Pikablu "we are yeerks! not used car salesmen! we do not negotiate!" viser 3, from the animorphs TV show.