From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Black-Flamed Phoenix: Fun and Mind Games Date: Friday, November 12, 1999 12:36 PM Just outside the Cerulean-Saffron Checkpoint... "I'm already back..." Gads sighed. That trip has been a lot shorter then he expected. Then again, his travelling companion had been rather tight-lipped the entire way. Gads looked over at the figure. Despite it being daylight, he couldn't make out any of it's features. The wide, fedora-style hat hid the face, and the black laboratory-style Saffron Gym coat covered the remainder of it's body. Shadowy indeed... "Say, why do you wear that getup all the time?" After a moment of silence, the Figure actually decided to reply. "What, this?" The figure gestured to it's clothing. "Miss Sabrina's orders. I wouldn't make a good 'observer' if I could be easily spotted or recognized." "So, who have you been observing?" "You." Gads looked suprised, but then just shrugged. "How long?" "That's my secret..." 'Better not tell him I've been following him since Pallet...' "Why me, then?" "Miss Sabrina told me to. To learn more about those who live in the Dojo. However, I noticed that you haven't exactly lived a 'typical' life, even for a dojo member." Gads chuckled. Not many Dojo members could be consitered the same species as their Pokemon, nor could many float around telekenticially. "True. So, why'd you stop observing?" "Eh?" "You got involved. You're no observer, not anymore. You're now part of this. I'm just wondering why." "I... dunno. I mean, I see you suddenly appear and collapse. I guess... I decided that not even something as lowly as Dojo member deserves what's happened to you." Gads smirked. "But I'm no Dojo member. So, the big question is: why are you still around?" Under it's hat, the figure blanched. "Eh... well..." "Could it be a showing of interest, or compassion? You know, acting on impulse and showing emotion of any kind isn't like a member of the Saffron Gym." Gads was having fun with this... "NO! Miss Sabrina never told me to follow any other! So, I continued my duty and followed you!" The Figure voice, normally monotone, was uncharacteristicly shrill this time. "But wasn't your duty to follow a Dojo member? You could have followed Mara..." 'Heh... can't admit that you're here because you choose to be, can you?' Suddenly, the security guard returned, and opened the gate to Saffron. "Look, gate's open!" The Figure quickly bolted through, a laughing Gads floating behind. "Now you're showing fear of being exposed!" Gads continued down the path to the Fighting Dojo, enjoying taunting his traveling companion. TBC? From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Before you buy.