From: Sux <> Subject: [PW!] Brock Attack Date: Thursday, November 25, 1999 7:39 PM Sakusu and Taki were hiding in the grass. They spotted a Meowth in the distance, licking it's paws. Taki looked to Sakusu as if he wanted to battle. "Taki, I think I'll let Nidorino battle this time. I want to see how he does." said Sakusu. He stood up, threw Nidorino's ball, and used the pokedex on it. ((Nidorino, the Poison Pin pokemon. An aggressice Pokemon that is quick to attack. The horn on it head secretes a powerful venom. Attacks- Horn Drill, Double Kick, Hyper Beam, and Body Slam.)) "Nidorino! Body Slam!" called Sakusu. He caught Meowth off-guard, as a 'rowth...' could be heard from under the Nido. He picked up the Nido and threw him 5 feet away. Sakusu, and the Nido, were amazed. The Nido used Hyper Beam, blasting the Meowth into a tree. He slowly stood up, and retaliated with Fury Swipes. Nidorino looked hurt, but continued to battle with Double Kick. Meowth used Payday, throwing his charm at Nidorino. It hit it in the eye, then it fell over. He called Nidorino back. Taki almost jumped in, but Sakusu held it back. He threw Sandshrew's pokeball. "Sandshrew, Slash!" he called from the grass. Sandshrew slashed the hurt Meowth and Sakusu threw a pokeball. He sweatdropped as the ball shook. It finally closed. He picked up the ball, and smiled. Suddenly, the ball started to rumble. Meowth appeared outside of the ball. He stood in front of Taki and jumped on his head. "Noo..." said Sakusu, as the Meowth looked up at Sakusu. He was ready to throw Sandshrews pokeball when Meowth turned around and walked to Pewter City. He stopped, and turned around, motioning for Sakusu to come. "Great... two pokemon that live outside of their balls." he said, as Taki hit him over the back of the head. He walked with Meowth and Taki to the pokemon center. He sat down and ate some rice-balls as he waited for Joy to heal his pokes. He went to Brock's gym and saw a notice. NOTICE- Pewter City Gym has been closed the next few days! We will re-open this Sunday. Thank you for your patience. "No!" said Sakusu. Taki kicked the wall. He headed for another grassy patch and sat down. He was about to drift off when he heard another trainer coming to the same area. He looked angry, possibly from the fact that Brock's gym was closed. He rolled over and felt something hard. He stood up, to find a brightly shimmering stone. The other trainer and him went for the stone at the same time. "Hey! It's mine!" said the trainer. "No way. I rolled over it, it's mine." replied Sakusu. "Yeah, right. You wanna fight?" he said. "Yeah, bring it on!" said Sakusu. "2 vs 2 match! Get ready to lose to Keyan Pepper!" he said, throwing a pokeball. "Go Flash!" A fearow came out of the pokeball, screaming into the sky. Sakusu pointed towards the Fearow. "Meowth, take it out!" he said. Fearow launched towards Meowth, who was just standing there. Fearow positioned for a drill peck, as Sakusu went crazy over the fact that Meowth was just standing there. He stepped out of the way as Fearow was about to hit. It's beak stuck into a tree, and the Fearow was stationary as the Meowth Fury Swiped it. Finally, Fearow got it's beak out of the tree. It flew up into the air, and dive-bombed the Meowth. Meowth flew back with scratches and bruises. It grabbed Fearow's legs and slammed it down into the ground. It layed there for a few seconds before Keyan called it back. "Heh, thats not the end. I still have Sparks. " he said, smiling, and then throwing a pokeball. A Jolteon appeared, it's hair standing on end. Sakusu called back Meowth and sent out Taki. The two stared at each other, before jumping toward the other. Taki used Smoke Screen, and Jolteon used Agility. Magmar looked around at the Jolteon was appearing in many different forms. Finally, Taki was confused. The Jolteon used Thunderbolt on Taki, which didn't phase him. Taki snapped out of it and used Fire Punch on the Jolteon. It flew into the air, flaming, as Taki decided to finish it off with Flamethrower. The Jolteon came back to the ground, landing on it's feet, stiff and burned. It fell over after a few seconds. "Haha! I won!" said Sakusu. He said. Keyan kicked some dirt and called back Sparks. He shook Sakusu's hand, and left quietly. Sakusu picked up the Moon Stone and called out Nidorino. [Editor's Note: Be careful, I'm about to pull an Ash!] He was about to use the stone on Nidorino, but thought for a second. "I shouldn't force it to evolve.." he said. "I dunno. I'll let it decide." He set the pokeball on one side of Nidorino, and the Moon Stone on the other side. "Nidorino, you decide." he said. Nidorino looked at the pokeball, and then the stone, repeated the process over and over and over again. "Nido." it said. It walked over to the Moon Stone and bent it's head down. Sakusu picked up the stone and exposed the Nidorino to it. It slowly began to evolve as it flashed white. He stepped back. Nidorino has just evolved to Nidoking. "King, Ni Nido." it said. Sakusu called it back, and headed for the pokemon center to rest. -- Sux- CharsPokemart on Collecting Nation NyasSux on AIM Homer on PoJo Killer Deck Reports shitateru hikitsudzuku fonsou! satoshi suu mariwana! Pokefreakazoid: Well...since I'm fed up with talk of Pokemon becoming a Magic clone on the Pojo MB, and I'm tired, I'm gonna take a siesta and work on my Yellow team. DimaTheAGNPer: Siesta? You live in Mexico? Signature Version 5.0