From: Roland Le Good <> Subject: [PW!?] Caleb, the Poke Hunter Date: Sunday, November 28, 1999 12:21 PM Episode one: The Charizard. It was mid day as the Ratatta scurried along the path towards the cave. The baking heat burned its fizzy back. It ran into the shade of the cave and was rewarded with a cool rest. It sighed, or made the Pokemon equivalent of a sigh. The Ratatta closed its eyes and began to sleep, but it was woken up by the large roar from inside the cave. It was intrigued but still scared. It crept deeper into the cave, it's sensitive eyes allowed it to see in the dark. He was about to turn a corner when he heard gunshots. It stood on it's hind legs, the sounds were getting closer. He turned the corner in time to see a Charizard blast fire at a man. He lept to the side, in to the light of the flame. He wore black trousers and a black leather tenchcoat. He held a gun in his hands, which were covered by black fingerless gloves. Top top it all off he wore a torn blood red shirt. The Rattata wasn't sure if it was his blood or just dye. He recognised the Charizard as being an evil Pokemon that had been terrorizing a small town, just south of here. It couldn't see the mans face, it was in the shadow of the mans black, broad rimmed hat. The Rattata didn't think much of this mans fashion sense. The Charizard picked up a large boulder and hurled it at the man... Caleb lept out of the path of the oncoming boulder. I can't belive I'm doing this, they'd better pay me alot! He thought as he dodged another fire blast. He glanced back, looking for the exit and noticed a Rattata staring at him. He ran over to it and grabbed it by the tail, as the Charizard slashed where the Pokemon had been sitting. Caleb ran with the Rattata outside and put it in the grass, " Run along. I have to deal with the Charizard," The Rattata didn't hesitate. Caleb smiled and turned around...right into the face of the Charizard. Caleb raised his gun, it was full of trancs. He didn;t kill the Pokemon, he merely caught them. He fired the Magnum at the Charizard which reared up and roared, it wasn't very happy. It brought its head down, breathing fire everywhere. Caleb backflipped out of the way, but tripped and fell over, " I always get that wrong..." He sighed and rolled to the right. He lept up firing as the Charizard smacked him in the chest. He fell backwards onto the floor. The Charizard leaned closer, ready to kill. It raised a claw and Caleb's eyes widened. Then the Charizard stumbled back, span and fell over, asleep. " Phew, the trancs worked," Caleb raised a Pokeball and caught the Charizard. " Not a bad catch, Kivan will be pleased," He nodded his head and put the Charizard away. As he turned around he saw two figures, each one wore a ridiculous outfit with a red R printed on the front. One was female, with long red hair, the other was male with short purple hair, he held a rose. " Hand over that Charizard, or you'll be in trouble," Said the man. Caleb sighed, oh well. " And you are?" he asked. " We are team rocket, we have crushed many people such as yourself and we shall smite you too, unlessyou give us that Pokemon!" " Nah," Caleb shook his head. " To protect the world from devastation," " To unite all peopel within our nation," " To denounce the evils of truth and love," " To extend our reach to the stars abo-" BLAM! Caleb blew the head off the rose. James of team rocket looked up at the smoking rose and then at Caleb. *gulp* he swallowed so hard that it was heard in Pewter city. " Get gone..." spat Caleb. Team Rocket ran away, incredibly fast. Caleb span the gun around his finger and slotted it away in it's holster. He yawned, time to head for Pallet town and get his reward. In Pallet town he met Proffesor Oak. " Erm, Thankyou Caleb, that brute was troubling us for weeks, here is your reward," He handed over some money. " Thanks, if you need anything, you know where I'll be," Caleb nodded and pushed his way past the small crowd which had gathered. Caleb walked out of Pallet town. He gave all the Pokemon he caught to Kivan, who ran a home for abandonned Pokemon. Caleb didn't exactly love Pokemon, he only hade two. A Cubone, named Cubone, and a Ditto named Doppel (as in Doppelganger). He arrived at Kivan's home and opened the door. Pokemon hung in every nook and cranny. A Sandshrew ran across the floor towards a Meowth who was cleaning the milk off it, which had been dropped by a Mankey hanging from the ceiling. He found Kivan rubbing the foot of a Squirtle. " Ah, hello Caleb, any new Pokemon," " Yup, this Charizard," "A CHARIZARD!? The one that was attacking Pallet town," " You betcha," " Oh great, I love Charizards!" Kivan grabbed the Pokeball and span arund. " But then...I love ALL Pokemon," " I ran into two jokers on the way...Team Rocket, be careful," " I will thanks Caleb," He started to leave. " Oh Caleb! Some girl called from Cerulean city, something about a missing Starmie, she wants you to go there now!" " Sure, do you have Cubone and Doppel?" " Oh yes, I still don't know why you didn't take them..." Caleb nodded and took the two Pokeballs. He let out Cubone, who walked next to him, and Doppel who sat on his shoulder. " Cuuuubone!" " dittodittodididitto," Said Doppel, he seemed very sure of himself. Caleb asked Kivan for a flying Pokemon. Kivan let out Pidgeot. Doppel transformed and carried Caleb and Cubone away to Cerulean city... What do you think? I like writing stories and wanted to write something differant from most people, and this is pretty diferrant. Sorry if it's a bit long, could I have some feedback?