From: [ joe the um...something ] <> Subject: Re: [PW] Carni-mayhem! (part 3) Date: Saturday, November 27, 1999 8:30 AM "Hey Robotnik." Ema called out. "Yes?" answered the professor. "How about we make a lil wager on this?" Ema suggested. "A wager? What kind of wager?" Robotnik asked. "You know those two Rocket Ditto's? Mimic and Doppler?" Ema asked. "Yes, why?" Rootnik questioned. "I win you give a Ditto just like that." Ema said. The Proffesor got ver-confident at this point, "And if I win?" "Name your price." Ema said. "Your on!" the professor called. Ema lobbed a random pokeball at the ground. A white light flashed and a mole-like thing was on the ground. "Trio trio trio!" the Dugtrio said. "Abra, Teleport!" called out the AI bot. The Abra teleported above the Dugtrio and fell almost in an elbow-drop fashion. The Dugtrio dug a hole and burrowed away from the Abra. After the Abra landed getting a recoil th Dugtrio went over to him and slashed the psychic pokemon. The Dugtrio dug under the Abra and popped up underneath it throwing it out of the hole. The Dugtrio then used Earthquake enjecting the Abra from the ground followed by Rockslide. The Dugtrio went over to the fainted Abra and nudged him a little. He has fainted. The AI bot tossed out another pokeball and a humognus blue-ish pokemon popped out. The Dugtrio stared up at it. "Ah shit" Ema swore "Rockslide." The Dugtrio, being faster than the Gyrados, got the first atack, and it needed it. Rocks summoned around the small pokemon and flug them selves at the water-flying pokemon. The Gyrados counter atacked with Hydro Pump. Ema then tossed out her Electrabuzz. "Thunder punch!!" Ema called out. Acording to the battle chart, base strength, and type modifiers, the Gyrados went out fast. Last pokemon, the AI bot tossed out a pokeball and what was released was a Gengar. "Shit shit shit shit." Ema swore again. The Gengar used confuse ry followed by Hypnosis then Dream Eater. After the dream eater the Electrabuzz woke up weakened. The Gengar had one last move to finish it off. Nightshade. Ema called out the last pokemon she could use and her starter, Blastoise. The Gengar tried confuse ray but it failed, the Blastise countered with earthquake doing some serious damage to the Gengar. The Gengar then acted like the trainers in the game and used dream eater. Blastoise did another round of earthquake. The Gengar fainted. "Ha haaaaaa!" Ema said jumping up and down. Robotnik gave a bitter face then tossed her a pokeball. "You'r up Smasher!" Ema said. Ema looked at the pokeball and said to it:"You, my odd little Ditto, are going to Morgan when we find him." TBC -JoE *** This is nesasary, life feeds on life. *** "I found a new kind of oral contraseptive, I asked a girl to sleep with me and she said no." -Woody Allen *** See Spot. See Spot run. Run Spot!! Run! See car. See car drive. No Spot!! Stop!! *vump vump* SPOOOOOOOOOT!!!